Living Dead Stars to release new self titled debut album

Living Dead Stars to release new self titled debut album

30th March 2020 0 By John Deaux

On the 6th March Living Dead Stars released brand new video “In Pieces” which is taken off the bands self-titled upcoming album. Living Dead Stars brand new album is released April 3rd 2020 under record label Pavement Entertainment. 

Album Track List

1. Redeem Ourselves 5:45

2. Nightmare 3:37

3. Checkmate 3:50

4. Killzone 3:59

5. In Pieces 4:58

6. Hopeless 4:50

7. Escape from Here 4:38

8. Fallen 5:21

9. Through the Fire 5:47

10. Northern Star 4:17

Band Bio


Living Dead Stars Band Bio

Originally founded by M.Nox in London in 2016, now based in Southern California after joining forces with guitarist Spencer Conley, Living Dead Stars is a Melodic Hard Rock band citing influence from, as well as elements of film score style orchestrations and Linkin Park style electronica. Living Dead Stars is a perfect union of heavy aggressive guitars and drums with grooving bass, melodic vocals, and symphonic synths.After completing a tour in the U.S. Southwest in 2017 the band took a break to focus on finishing a full length album and took on some new members including former drummer of Benediction Ashley Guest,bassist Jon Blackwelland lead guitarist Michael Zamora. Now with the band revamped and rebooted and their self-titled debut album they head out to Europe for a 2020 tour!Through determination, a love for life and music,and a hunger for success, Living Dead Stars have grabbed the attention of fans and industry worldwide resulting in the signing toMetal Music Bookings,Red Lion, and Pavement Entertainment!


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