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Lute – Learning Through Progression

Written by John Deaux

Lute are an unsigned band from Manchester who produce some of the best progressive metal around at the moment.

The album may only be 7 tracks but it clocks in at a massive 61 minutes.

The guitars have more fuzz than a razored head, the drums & bass rumble like an active volcano & as for the vocals, they’re just simply outstanding. Laid back & almost lazy style that works incredibly well.

Learning Through Progression is littered with more time changes than a trip around the world.

The opening track Cycles is a straight head down, shoegazer of a track but it doesn’t prepare you for what lies ahead.

Leading straight into the quiet intro of Learning is where this record starts to fuck with you. Full of suspense & mystery with a real haunting yet simple vocal. A great forerunner to the track Through Progression, which continues the suspense. The orchestration of these 2 tracks followed by Worried Parts 1 & 2 produce moments of Pink Floyds Saucerful of Secrets with a slice of Jethro Tull flute thrown in for good measure.

Penultimate track, Rescending has genius instrumentation & would suit a film score. In fact this entire album is one long film score. It would be interesting to see what images a film maker would come up with.

Tremors is an absolute saga at 17 minutes.  From its heavy over-driven riff to the clean sound, the track has more layers than an artichoke. Definitely the highlight of the CD & is truly a masterclass on how to produce a track of epic proportions .

This entire opus reminds me of a now defunct band called Secret Machines (well worth checking out) which is great as they left a massive hole after the split.

For fans of Tool, Alice in Chains & Black Sabbath.

Do yourself a favor & get it now HERE

Score 8.5/10AATR Approved

LuteTrack List
Through Progression
Worried (Part 1)
Worried (Part 2)

Lute are:
Ed Truscott – Guitars, Lead vocals
Marc Hatton – Guitars
Jacqueline Savickas – Bass, Backing Vocals
Baxendale – Drums

Check out LUTE HERE

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