Naisian set to return after 5 years with a new E.P

Written by John Deaux

Sheffield metal favourites Naisian return after a five-year hiatus with their new three-track EP Rejoinder. Originally forming over a decade ago, Naisian had since gone on to join other acclaimed bands, including Awooga, Air Force Chron, and pjaro.

Returning with the mission to play loud, heavy music, Rejoinder is a documentation of huge and primitive riffs. Recorded over a number of months at the band’s own studio (Tye Die Tapes HQ), the EP replicates the band’s live sound as closely as possible. DIY to the extreme, many of the amps, guitars, and effects used are hand-built by bassist Michael’s company Aitken Audio.

Highly engaging, the three tracks on Rejoinder bely a band with great thoughtfulness and humour in their compositional process. For example, 90 ft. Stone is based on the story of Oak Island (subject of the Discovery Channel documentary Curse of Oak Island), chronicling the inane search for buried treasury in the face of futility. Mantis Rising tells the story of a Mantis Shrimp, about to be cooked, punching its prospective chef in the face, and closing track Lefole is an entirely improvised stream of consciousness on the subject of writer’s block, by guest Mike Shields.

With mastering by iconic engineer James Plotkin (Sunn O))), Cave In, Botch), Rejoinder is a fine return to form from a band who’ve previously played with Baroness, Kylesa, MaybeSheWill, Rolo Tomassi and more.

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