New Slipknot Members Revealed

New Slipknot Members Revealed

18th September 2014 0 By Ant

The identity of Slipknot’s new drummer and bassist appears to have been confirmed by an implausible source and a fairly obvious eye still from the band’s new music video from ‘The Devil In I’.

It has been confirmed that Slipknot’s new members would be wearing the same masks, not so to make it harder to identify them but more as a stepping stone from the passing of Paul Grey and the departure of Joey Jordison. Which is commendable and understandable on some levels to instead of directly replacing the recently departed with new characters, plus they knew the score when joining the band that these boots wouldn’t be easy to fill, especially immediately.

On to the new members, though it hasn’t been confirmed by Slipknot themselves but for one its apparent that the bass player’s hand ink has given him away. The image below, which is taken from ‘The Devil In I’ video and was initially pointed out from MetalSucks that the ink matches that of Alessandro Venturella (Krokodil, Cry For Silence and guitar tech for Mastodon).

slipknot bassist

There has been mass speculation but it is widely expected that Slipknot’s new tub thumper is Jay Weinberg, formerly of Against Me!. Former band mate of Jay, Laura Jane Grace has taken to twitter to both reveal bad blood between them and apparently give the game away, possibly as publicity stunt, but who knows. All we know is the tweets below:


The Devil In I‘ Video: