NiteRain – Crossfire

NiteRain – Crossfire

14th November 2013 0 By Chris Key

In the time honoured tradition of super cheesy rock n roll mega cliches,emerge power rock supremos NiteRain. Norwegian power metal, with more balls out, it’s almost hardcore porn, in music terms!!

The album starts with “Bad Girl“, which is almost a bit of a homage to Motley Crüe if truth be told, nasal vocals in an 80’s glam rock style is the order of the day for these guys.

Are you ready for a heart attack” go the vocals on “Dirty” with its glam rock tongue-in- cheek approach. Get ready for back to back hair flinging solos aplenty!!

Make My Day” made me think about bands such as Warrant with it’s all out rocking fun and attack on those geetars!! This is some pretty acceptable hair metal, but nothing more!! “She said go” is inspired by AC/DC songs of the past and has a chaotic edge to the riff as well. Of course you can’t deny the head bobbing credentials of “Someone Get Me A Doctor“, but these are well trodden power chords, often dragged out for just these power rock occasions!!

An honest assessment would be to say that these guys are fun, play flat out and hard. No doubt they are a spectacle on stage, all glammed up. However, once you have heard the first two bars of every song, you can predict every chug of the guitar to that obligatory solo. I’m not saying it doesn’t feel good; it is that dirty takeaway on a Saturday night musically speaking, very easy to get, you understand why you want it, but it’s not sophisticated!!

The album stomps on through “Run Run Run“, “Hey Baby“, and “Run For Your Life” In pretty much the style of the tracks that proceeded them.

Topping off the album is “Playing The Game” and “Judgement Day“, when it dawns on, these guys do not have the comedy of Steel Panther nor the prowess of Mister Angus Young, or even the sheer swagger of Tommy Lee and Nikki Six. So, why make another hammed up glamtastic album?? Search me!! But one thing is for sure, it is impossible to dislike but equally as impossible to distinguish it from all the other cock rock you might come across currently.
Score: 6 out of 10

[box_dark] NiteRain - CrossfireALBUM INFO

Band: NiteRain
Album: Crossfire
Record Label: NiteRain Enterprises
Release Date: 15 November 2013


1 Bad Girl
2 Dirty
3 Make My Day
4 She Said Go!!!
5 Somebody Get Me a Doctor
6 My World
7 Run Run Run
8 Hey Baby
9 Run for Your Life
10 Playin’ the Game
11 Judgement Day

For fans of: straight up rocking shameless glam