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Obituary – Ten Thousand Ways To Die

Written by Rich Dodgin

It’s two years since death metal legends Obituary released Inked In Blood, and their next album isn’t due to appear until spring 2017… but to tide us over until then, the band have released ‘Ten Thousand Ways To Die‘ – a single consisting of two new studio songs and eleven live tracks from the 2015 Inked In Blood tour.

Loathe‘ is an absolute juggernaut of a track that does a fantastic job of harking back to the classic Obituary vibe of Cause of Death, while also managing to sound fresh and contemporary.  It’s a brutal sonic assault, with crushing guitar riffs and John Tardy‘s trademark death metal growling vocals – and bodes well for next year’s full release!

Have a listen for yourself, and see exactly what I mean – 

Ten Thousand Ways To Die’ is a slightly faster paced track, but is as heavy and pulverising as the first.  Again, the guys have done an amazing job of maintaining that Obituary sound we all know and love, while also giving it something new.  On the basis of these two new studio tracks, 2017’s full album can’t come quickly enough!

The rest of the album is an impressive live album in its own right, with a fantastic selection of tracks spanning Obituary‘s career.  Personal highlights include opener ‘Redneck Stomp‘, ‘Find the Arise‘, and ‘Chopped In Half / Turned Inside Out‘.  The recording quality is perfect – decent enough that you can recognise and growl along to the songs, while also capturing the rawness of the live recordings taken from a number of different venues.

A must-buy for fans of Obituary and old school death metal !

Score: 8 out of 10

AATR Approved

ALBUM INFOobituary

Record Label
Relapse Records

Release Date
21 October 2016

Track Listing
01.  Loathe
02.  Ten Thousand Ways To Die
03.  Redneck Stomp (Live)
04.  Centuries of Lies (Live)
05.  Visions in My Head (Live)
06.  Intoxicated (Live)
07.  Bloodsoaked (Live)
08.  Dying (Live)
09.  Find the Arise (Live)
10.  ‘Til Death (Live)
11.  Don’t Care (Live)
12.  Chopped In Half / Turned Inside Out (Live)
13.  Slowly We Rot (Live)

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