The One Hundred – Subculture EP

The One Hundred – Subculture EP

28th August 2014 0 By Chris Key

You remember Hactivist right? The hip-hop metal crossover kings of last year?

Yes? Well, these guys are only supporting them on their next tour, I introduce to “The One Hundred”. Set to be the next thing in Grime Metal and already “plastered all over HMV” according to the guys themselves, it’s all looking rosy for these guys.

So, a big thank you to the guys for sharing with us, their latest EP Subculture. Critics are already foaming at the mouth, at the prospect of their hectic rap infused hardcore metal saying:

A fantastic debut E.P”, “Bloody Exciting” etc.

So lets get down and dirty with the new grime kids on the scene, The One Hundred.

Some quality vintage vinyl noise opens up “No FKX” with scratching and to be honest you are completely oblivious to the metal blast that is about to engulf you!! And yes, this is just the beginning!!

Breed” is the band’s flagship song, clearly so popular, I had to buffer the hell out of it, to get to the good stuff!! More raucous hip hop vocals are laid over the top of some quality tech metal riffing. Like a UK Grime Linkin Park hybrid, the band march on with this infectious sound. There is technical mastery in all elements of the band, all the way through to tense sounding synths that surround the song. At once there is a hardcore metal feast and then a techno outro, hardened metal-heads might struggle to accept this diversity, but they will certainly have to respect it.

Unleashed, comes in with some Sub-Bass and drum machine, vocals spit with gritty urban simplicity that would impress The Streets. Dub-Step meets Techno meets Screamo is what you are looking at here. Can you handle it??!! This is what you get on “Unleashed“.

The combination is potent, astounding and is set to grip the commercial music world with two hands and shake it until it realises the truth, I’m certain. The album is going to please so many different music lovers, people won’t be able to resist.

With the brash Laaandan taaan accent, the band swaggers and growls through “Tale Of Two Cities”, with brutal riffs and synths to back it up. The flow on the track vocals is a perfect match for the high-tempo, mental backing music machine, but won’t win awards for the most elegant lyrics ever…. but who cares, right?

So the guys from the hood, have come, hijacked your heavy metal guitars and brought their own psychotic urban approach, now it’s time to win over those rock stalwarts… Don’t know about you, but I’m in!!

The One Hundred are Jacob Field, Tim Hider, Phil Kneller and Joe Balchin.

Score:  8 out of 10
AATR Approved

The One Hundred - Subculture EPEP INFO

Track Listing:

1.. No FKX
2.. Breed
3.. Kingsmen
4.. Unleashed
5.. Tale oF Two Cities
6.. Downfall

Record Label:

Release Date:
September 1st 2014

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Grime Metal