OVERKILL – The Last Man Standing EP

OVERKILL – The Last Man Standing EP

21st January 2019 0 By Mark Booth

OVERKILL are set to release their 19th studio album on 22nd February 2019, but in the meantime they have released a taster of what to expect with the release of the ‘Last Man Standing’ EP/single. So what makes up this release I hear you scream? Well the first two tracks, The Last Man Standing and Head Of A Pin, are lifted from the new album. The third track is a live version of ‘Hello From The Gutter’ recorded at Rock Hard Festival 2015 and which is an immense OVERKILL track which was original on their 3rd album ‘Under The Influence’. The 4th track is a live cover version of the DEAD BOYS song ‘Sonic Reducer’ which was recorded live at Rock Hard Festival 2018. The final track is a cover of the ANIMALS classic song ‘We Gotta Get Out Of This Place’ which was originally included on the Japanese release of OVERKILL’S 11th album ‘Bloodletting’.

So the main question on everyone’s lips is what are the first two tracks like? Well ‘The Last Man Standing’ starts off very weak and bizarre and sounds like a poor 90’s nu metal intro. But then the track let’s rip and OVERKILL are here to let you know that they aren’t about to let up just yet. The track pummels along and destroys everything in its path with the thrash attack that we’ve come to love from OVERKILL, all finished off with the distinctive vocals of Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth. The second track ‘Head Of A Pin’ isn’t as frenetic or chaotic as ‘Last Man Standing’ but it is still a classic thrash anthem. The two tracks are a great taster to the new forthcoming album ‘The Wings Of War’ and will wet the appetite of OVERKILL fans and is a great introduction to new fans wanting to discover these Thrash Titans for the first time.

So another question we have to ask is whether this is an essential purchase? Well the answer would have to be no, unless you are either an OVERKILL diehard fan and completist or a newbie to OVERKILL and want a taster of the thrash sonic assault they have been producing over the years. If you are a fan of OVERKILL or thrash then I would recommend purchasing the first two tracks and the remaining 3 would be for personal preference.


SCORE (newbie/diehard Overkill fan) – 8.5

Track Listing

1) Last Man Standing

2) Head Of A Pin

3) Hello From The Gutter (live)

4) Sonic Reducer (live) [Dead Boys Cover]

5) We Gotta Get Out Of This Place [Animals Cover]

Release Date: 28th December 2018

Label: Nuclear Blast
For all things Overkill, click HERE and to purchase the special edition of Legacy Magazine to obtain this E.P, click HERE


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