Podcast Episode 32: Writers Special with Xavier Russel and Mike Exley

Written by Howard 'H' Smith

This month sees H catch up with two old friends and Acid Reign supporters. They also happen to be very influential writers in the history of thrash metal.

First up is Mike Exley former staff writer of Metal Forces who was right amongst the early embers of the thrash fire – they talk old school, new school and changing times.

Then it is to the pub to meet up with the legend that is Xavier Russel. Get ready to have your hair raised by his incomparable Metallica stories, not many saw Metallica with Mustaine and before Cliff. Many people over the years claim to have had a hand in their rise to fame but this man can back it up. A key figure in the thrash era they talk early Metallica, Kerrang and what went wrong.

As always there is slap dash, ill thought out opinion, Bloodstock gets a mention, Kiss bating, music reviews, Bloodstock, an appeal for the laying on of metal hands, bloodstock, an accidental phone call and the word cunt.
This is hologram bollocks.

About the author

Howard 'H' Smith

Howard is better known both as Howard 'H' Smith, the lead singer from UK Thrashers Acid Reign and also as his comedy alter ego 'Keith Platt'.

During his careers he has been on tour with Nuclear Assault, Flotsam and Jetsam, Death Angel, Exodus, Dark Angel, Candlemass and Suicidal Tendencies and has graced the comedy stage at Download festival more than once.