Rainbows Are Free – Waves Ahead Of The Ocean

Rainbows Are Free – Waves Ahead Of The Ocean

19th July 2014 0 By Chris Key

With sizzling classic rock solos twinned with psychedelic doom metal is the sound of Rainbows Are Free.

Having supported Black Mountain and High On Fire amongst others you know these guys have got credentials and something to live up to. Their songs are typically swaggering and true to classic rock roots in the wave of retro Zep/Maiden throwbacks that in recent years have become de rigour on the rock scene; namely, Graveyard, The Treatment and a bit further back and you have The Sword.

However, that said these guys, bring an attitude which is the bastard child of Osbourne and Anselmo in the vocal department and have got lick after lick of the good stuff. “Sonic Demon” is exhibit number one, when it comes to this. The dry-throated Shrieks and the breathless drawls are truly unique. Imagine a psychotic Robert Plant stumbling all around the songs with the rock n roll phrasing but wild abandon and you have the RAF style. In fact

Snake Bitten By Love” gives you and example of the topics up for discussion, yes you guessed it; sex, drugs and more sex!! All you really need is a kick ass riff and you can forget the shallow lyrical content. Their previous album was called “Believers In Medicine“, so, you get the picture!!

Burn And Die” has a darker doom feel to it, with ghostly tremolo-laden vocals, but with the Same rawkus riffage!!

There is no point covering every track on this album. Each one is red hot with rage, tinged with bluesy infused metal and programmed to destroy and that’s how we like it at AATR, so, enjoy!!

Score: 9 out of 10
AATR Approved

Rainbows-Are-Free-Waves-Ahead-Of-The-OceanALBUM INFO


1. Speed God And The Rise Of The Motherfucker
2. The Botanist
3. Waves Ahead Of The Ocean
4. Sonic Demon
5. Cadillac
6. Snake Bitten By Love
7. Burn And Die
8.  Comet

Record Label:
Guestroom Records

Release Date:
February 18th 2014

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For Fans Of:
Doom Metal, with a Psychedelic Blues infusion