Sacrifice – Soldiers of Misfortune (Re-Issue)

Sacrifice – Soldiers of Misfortune (Re-Issue)

26th December 2013 0 By Frank Rini

Originally released in 1991, 4 years had passed since Forward to Termination from Sacrifice and the increase in musicianship on Soldiers of Misfortune was to put it bluntly incredible. Marquee Records reissued this in 2006 and now we get the repressing. This double disc is remastered from the source material and kicks major ass. So let’s first delve into the source material, shall we?? With this release the death metal roots had been abandoned and the band went straight for the speed/thrash sound that was already taking center stage, on Forward To Termination. The band had increased their songwriting, lyrics and overall sound to such an extent that Soldiers Of Misfortune has been hailed by many as their finest hour. As the World Burns was always the perfect opening, I felt. The original recording had the guitars sounding a little too low and the remaster makes them crunchier and a lot more in your face on this. The song

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has some excellent galloping thrash and the 1.38 mark was always a favorite, for me, with a nice bass guitar moment and I love the phase shifter effect on the guitar a few seconds later. The 3.50 guitar riff, before going into a fast part, has always been intense. The title track is wonderful and Headbanger’s Ball played the video all the time. The intro is killer and a little Metallica influence creeps in. The drumming of Gus is unreal and his use or I should say abuse of the cymbals are intense. Rob’s killer raspy vox coming through nicely on the remaster and he sounds great on this album. The song benefits from amazing tempo shifts and the 4.30 part of the double bass drums is punishing.

Pawn of Prophecy is still one of the most intense Sacrifice tunes and the song benefits from amazing solos and Joe Rico was on fire on this album. Again more double bass pummeling awaits on this track and Gus probably broke a few double bass pedals in the process since this has some of the most punishing double bass he ever did-vicious! Lost through Time was a great mid paced cruncher and album closer, Truth (After the Rain) is like over 10minutes and always reminded me of a thrash version of Rush. Epic, intense and beautiful. The perfect album ender!

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I remember Gus leaving after the band played a bunch of shows after the album came out. Touring took a toll on him and when I was young I hated when my fave bands had line-up changes, so I was mad since I thought Gus played his heart out on the album. Also I remember a lot of reviews, back then, slagged the band for going in a more technical, less thrashy direction. To this day I still think those reviewers never listened to the entire album and maybe just listened to it as background music and than formulated their review. They are lucky they did not have to deal with me. The thing is while Sacrifice incorporated some more classic sounding metal to their sound Soldiers of Misfortune thrashes from beginning to end and while a lot of other thrash bands were kinda fuckin around with other sounds and shit and becoming more commercialized, Sacrifice did not, uh hum..sacrifice their sound or their integrity. This album to this day still wipes the floor with a lot of the releases that came out then and today it has aged remarkably well.

The demo included of SOM, actually is a little heavier sounding than what would end up on the album. Also the live shows are stellar. You get the live set with Gus still in the band and than his replacement on another show. He was great, but he was not Gus! Laurent Ramadier does another outstanding job with the liners and the band weighs in on each song and I learned a lot from this booklet. Lyrics, pics the kitchen sink is included from Armando, at Marquee Records, making this an essential and phenomenal reissue. The band logo and album name placement is changed a bit and the entire cover is brighter and better to look at. I love how the coloring of the album name mimics the band logo color. As stated everything has been remastered and sounds godly. Buy or Die!!

Score: 10 out of 10

AATR Approved



Sacrifice - Soldiers of MisfortuneALBUM INFO

Record Label: Marquee Records
Release Date: 12/3/13
Reviewed By: Frank Rini

Tracklist: Disc 1
Soldiers of Misfortune:
01. As The World Burns
02. Soldiers Of Misfortune
03. In Defiance
04. Existence Within Eternity
05. Pawn Of Prophecy
06. Lost Through Time
07. A Storm In The Silence
08. Truth (After The Rain)
1989 Demo
09. As The World Burns
10. Existence Within Eternity
11. Pawn Of Prophecy
12. Lost Through Time
13. A Storm In The Silence
1992 Outtakes
14. Re-animation

Diamond Club, Toronto, CA (04/26/1989) – PART I
15. The Entity
16. As The World Burns
17. Existence Within Eternity

Tracklist: Disc 2 (all live):

Entex, Mississauga, Ontario, CA (09/12/1990)
01. In Defiance
02. Homicidal Breath
03. Soldiers Of Misfortune
04. As The World Burns
05. Forever Enslaved
06. The Entity
07. Pawn Of Prophecy
08. Flames Of Armageddon
09. Existence Within Eternity
10. Afterlife
11. Lost Through Time
12. Re-Animation
13. Truth
14. Necronomicon

Diamond Club, Toronto, CA (04/26/1989) – PART II
15. Pawn Of Prophecy
16. Lost Through Time
17. A Storm In The Silence
18. Re-Animation

For fans of: If you have never heard this than you’re not METAL!

Standout Tracks: Entire release