Sickening horror – Overflow

Sickening horror – Overflow

21st November 2015 0 By Frank Rini

Greece’s Sickening Horror, on their previous killer 2 albums, were a brutal technical death metal band.  Ultra catchy, however incredibly brutal at the same time.  Overflow is a departure from their previous works.  Blast beats are still abound, however Sickening Horror have opted for a more progressive, Cynic/Pestilence approach.  This time around they are infusing some jazz elements, and the results are staggering and incredible.  “Interstellar” opens this great album, with some off killer blasting, progressive grooves and nice drum roles.  The 3 minute mark features some awesome stop/start guitar riffing, and then at 4 minutes in, some dreamlike guitar soloing, with nice drum work.  “The Winter that Never Came” starts out rather mellow, but is still  undeniably death metal, so do not worry folks.  I love the riff and groove with the double bass at the 1.13 part, which repeats again later on and also goes into pummeling blast beats with above average grunting death metal vocals.  More dreamlike solos enter the mix too with some palm muted guitar parts at the 3.30 part.

Sickening Horror, have incorporated atmosphere into the mix, something that makes them even more original now.  Some of the guitar elements are so progressive and if you liked Spheres from Pestilence you will have a field day with Overflow, although this is more brutal than that album, it has that jazz fusion death metal sound down to a T.  You can even tell with the revamped logo and ultra cool looking album cover that Sickening Horror are really trying to further the genre of technical, progressive extreme metal.

The production is great, and fits their new style.  Nice layout and I am really loving the album cover, goes great with the sound and style that Sickening Horror have embraced.  I am really curious where they go from here and Overflow is a great album.

Buy or Die!

Score: 9 out of 10
AATR Approved

Sickening horror - OverflowALBUM INFO


1. Interstellar
2. The Winter That Never Came
3. The Day the Worms Became Kings
4. Fractal Maze
5. Red Pill Initiation
6. I, Explorer in Akashic Fields
7. Of Lives Never Lived
8. Versus Entropia
9. May the Ground Not Receive Thee

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Interstellar/The Winter that Never Came/May the Ground Not Receive Thee