Skeletal Remains – Condemned to Misery Album Review

Skeletal Remains – Condemned to Misery Album Review

22nd December 2015 0 By Frank Rini

It’s  been 3 years since California’s Skeletal Remains unleashed their crushing debut, Beyond the Flesh.  The band crafting a sound similar to all the great death metal bands putting out albums recorded at Morrisound Studios, in Tampa, Florida in the 90’s.  Skeletal Remains has the sound down pat, without even having to travel all that way.  Enter in Condemned to Misery that furthers their brutality.  More blast beats abound.  The only real issue I have is the snare drum, at times, sounds tinny and not as powerful as it could, too loose sounding-tighten that shit up!  Other than that this album is ferocious.  The toms on the drum set have a great deep resonating sound and the vocals are akin to Martin van Drunen, like the debut.  “Beyond Cremation” gets the shit going quick with a brutal grooving opening that reminded me of the first Gorguts album and I LOVE the bass guitar sound on this track and the entire album.  The tune rips into some PestilenceTestimony of the Ancients, like riffage and the beginning great drum patterns return to end the song.


“Sleepless Cadavers” incorporates some wonderful opening guitar melodies and has a Death Leprosy feel to the song.  Quick beat comes in with some killer vocals and smashing cymbal hits.  I wanted to just pick up cars and begin throwing them around at the 1.30 mark.  This killer groove had my blood pumping and I began running laps around my neighborhood,  People were saying ‘What the hell is Frank doing?’  I then jumped up about 50 feet in the air and came down with a brutal atomic leg drop that opened up an enormous sinkhole swallowing everyone in sight.  Anyway, you catch my drift???  Condemened to Misery is an outstanding second album and Skeletal Remains, are one of the best bands that does the old school Tampa Florida death metal sound right.

Buy or Die!

Score: 8.5 out of 10
AATR Approved

Skeletal Remains - Condemned to MiseryALBUM INFO

Track List:

1.Beyond Cremation
2.Obscured Velitation
3.Euphoric Bloodfeast
4.Viral Hemorrhagic Pyrexia
5.Atrocious Calamity
6.Ethereal Erosion
7.Still Suffering
8.Sleepless Cadavers

F.D.A. Rekotz

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Standout Tracks:
Beyond Cremation/Obscured Velitation/Sleepless Cadavers