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Soundcrawler – The Dead-End Host

Written by Mike Clydesdale

I didn’t know anything about this band an hour ago other than being told they are French, and they sound a bit like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, being a massive fan of both bands and having little to do this evening I was intrigued.

After listening to the first song I was hooked. They  started off with a nice atmospheric intro slamming into a big fuzz punching low end slap to the face reminiscent of Alice in Chains, with nice subtle guitar playing.  The drumming is fantastic and perfectly compliments the sludgy rhythm giving that power that grunge needs. Like many grunge bands Soundcrawler have a big vocal presence which can sounds very angst ridden. This made more intrigued and I decided to run through the whole album.

So the songs….

‘Raiders’ is very diverse song with sludgy grooves running everywhere nice changes in patterns very catchy song to listen too great way to introduce themselves…with a giant slap to the jugular! Nice!

‘Burning Scales’ has that Alice in chains tripod album especially sludge factory  with a immensely strong vocal presence. The song chops between crazy time signatures and a nice gloomy chord progression and complimentary Cantrel-esque guitaring. Bravo

‘A God to feed’ reminds me  a bit of Rush for some reason with it’s very scale driven rundowns and tightness then you still have the fuzzfest reminiscent of Red Fang slam in.

‘Long Coma’ Slow Jazzy drums and guitaring to start then our fuzzy the bass joins in the fun. Then goes back to the Soundcrawler sound the previous songs have introduced me too.  Very angst ridden vocals that is subtle enough to carry through the song

‘Souls from the Trash’ brings back the doomy sludge in full force which splits to and from clean guitars back to powerful distortion.

‘The Plastic Truth’ a nice bass hook in this too kick things off which again reminds me of Alice in Chains

‘Civil’ catches your ears right away with a refreshing crazy jazzy guitar riff complimented by the bass. The vocals strike me a lot through this song. It feels just enough to be different from the previous songs

‘Infinite Genocide’ has a feel of Faith no More/Mr bungle to start off with then changes with the guitars and bass clashing throughout more tight rhythm sections. Again completely different

And to end the album ‘All the seconds’ left a beautifully played instrumental  acoustic track to close the album

I like The Dead-End Host, it  gravitates to my grunge roots as I hear a lot of Alice in chains, stone temple pilots, early queens of the Stone Age, I don’t think they  are nessassrily like Soundgarden.

The album starts off well then keeps the same sound that Soundcrawler have generated starts to trail off in the middle then at Civil  they change it up again  which hooked me back.

Musically it was spot on loved the tightness of the rhythm sections while changing and chopping between tempos and keys. The vocals are powerful complimented the music well

Overall I’m impressed, I’d love to see How the music carries live and this album is certainly a grower if you like your grunge then I recommend giving Soundcrawler a go they deserve it.

Score: 7 out of 10


Soundcrawler - The Dead End HostTrack List:

2.Burning Scales
3.A God to Feed
4.Long Coma Slow
5.Souls From the Trash
6.The Plastic Truth
8.Infinite Genocide
9.And All the Seconds Left

Record Label:
Klonosphere / Season of Mist

Release Date:
20th February 2015

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