Spectral Manifest – S/T

Spectral Manifest – S/T

14th November 2015 0 By Frank Rini

This album was released over a year ago and label owner Brian Ferrell was kind enough to send this to me recently, therefore I felt it my obligation to review it.  I do thank AATR owner, Craig Hogan for taking on this review.  I really appreciate it and so does Brian and the band will shortly, after reading this.

Spectral Manifest’s self-titled album is not the everyday type of band that Ossuary Industries has on their roster.  Hailing from Texas where the chili is hot, the steaks are big and my Dallas Cowboys are sucking beyond belief this year.   I applaud Brian, for signing a band that stands out, quite a bit, and that is not a slag on other bands on his roster.  While Ossuary Industries, has a roster chock full of brutal slam/death and grind bands, Spectral Manifest play a blackened death metal style of music.  The music kicks ass, from beginning to end.  “Darkening Horizon”, at the 2.33 part, has a Belphegor likeness to the riff and beat.  With its blackened metal melodies-this part is godly and then it goes into a blast beat, before going into that classic beat.  Phenomenal part.  The opening riff to “Spiritual Gallows”, is another outstanding moment, equipped with vintage 90’s death metal pinch harmonics and evil and just plain killer deep vocals.  “Portal  to Origins”, once it opened the album, had me hooked.  The 1 minute mark has that Holy Shit styled 90‘s groove that you cannot stop headbanging to, until it goes into a faster part with guitar solos, then back to the killer opening riff.  Influenced by 90’s death metal and black metal, the melding of genres is seamless on the part of Spectral Manifest.  Also very catchy riffs and natural double bass.

I want you to go out and buy this album.  Production has a nice organic real feel to it.  Vocals go from deep, but understandable bellows to higher shrieks.  And the bass guitar is also audible.  Evil and haunting melodies permeate the entire album and are memorable.  Only thing is the layout sucks.  No lyrics or extra panels.  But whatever, the music is so good, it doesn’t really matter.  Spectral Manifest, if continuing with this quality, can really make a dent on the scene, keep it up dudes.

Highlight tracks: Portal to Origins/Darkening Horizon/Forbidden Arts

Score: 8.5 out of 10
AATR Approved

Spectral_Manifest_ST__03004.1428547954.1280.1280ALBUM INFO


1. Portal to Origins
2. Darkening Horizon
3. Spiritual Gallows
4. Fate of the Disgraced
5. To Cold Interstellar Winds
6. In Shadows Unseen
7. Forbidden Arts
8. Transcending the Macrocosm

Ossuary Industries


For fans of:
Immortal/Belphegor/early Vital Remains