Statement – Monsters

Statement – Monsters

7th April 2014 0 By Chris Key

The genesis of this Danish rock band began when Niels Alex, ex-drummer of Pilgrimz met up with Jannick Brockdorf, vocalist and long-time friend. Alex has previously played with Motörhead and Gojira amongst other star-studded names of rock.

I think it would be fair to say, we know what we are likely to get with this band, straight up hard rock is guaranteed, for sure. This will be most likely peppered with a blast of metal here and there, the question is what are Statement trying to say?

Kill Times” opens with a brooding acoustic riff which weaves in and out of an electric accompaniment, I can’t help feeling a touch of Metallica when hearing this on first listen. Then the title track “Monsters” kicks right in, it’s full speed ahead, Jannick has that classic rock voice, most definitely, riffs are solid enough and have got enough oomph behind them to pack a punch.

Time to “Say Hello” to Statement with a more light hearted romp of a rock song, certainly with a Euro rock feel about the whole set, again, the riffs have cutting edge but the song lacks ingenuity.

So finesse or artistry isn’t high on this Scandinavian bands agenda, so what? I hear you cry!! What is wrong with some straight forward rock n roll? The answer is, nothing, absolutely nothing, the more relevant question is how much more classic rock do we need in our life? I’ll leave you to answer that one.

Moving on, “Crawling” does have a beautiful dreamy start to the song, with atmospheric and delicately played lead guitar. The vocals compliment perfectly before launching into full on ballad mode.

Keep You Alive” is brooding and threatens to slap you in the face with a full blooded riff and distorted vocals working well, but predictably leading into a choral harmony.

Then, an air raid siren, debris falling all around and an absolute rottweiler growls in your ear!! This is the attitude I would love to see from the band, through and through the album, but it feels like a missed chance, “Dropzone” feels like a stand out track, no doubt.

Control” has that Four Horsemen Of The Apocalyse, galloping riff and steady drums to back it up. This song made me think, I would have liked to have heard the baselines used more prominently on tracks, like they come through on this one.

Childhood Dreams” has a Nirvana style About A Girl feel, before launching into random bursts of heavy distortion and full on Hetfield-esque growls.

To Be A Man” has some exquisite work on the acoustic guitar and really does show the capability of this band, which I do not question for one second, the vocal harmonies are captivating too.

Another Life” explodes like dynamite and we are back on course with the hard rock/metal/thrash we have come to be familiar with. The remainder of the album really tries to end on a high with “Back To Life,” “Need To Know” and the heartfelt “Dad”, clearly a tribute to a family member of the band, which is actually very emotionally delivered by Jannick and has the power that other tracks just don’t possess.

The album is a solid effort, not to be sniffed at, but in the world of classic rock, you’ve got to get really inventive to really freshen up the genre and give the rock masses something new to get their teeth into. You cannot knock a hard grafting band who put their blood, swear and tears into something they show endless passion for, but how do Statement do this and stand apart from crowd!! This is a question I cannot answer.

Score: 6 out of 10

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1.. Kill Times
2.. Monsters
3.. Say Hello
4.. Crawling
5.. Keep You Alive
6.. Dropzone
7.. Control
8.. Childhood Dreams
9.. To Be A Man
10.. Another Stage
11.. Back To Life
12.. Need To Know
13.. Dad

Record Label:
Mighty Music/Target Group

Release Date:
17th March 2014

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Classic Rock/Metal