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Stevie Pearce & The Hooligans – Stevie Pearce & The Hooligans

Written by Jane Deaux

So, this is Stevie R. Pearce and The Hooligans and their self-titled debut album?…. I like it!

Can I leave the review there?… Just a simple thumbs up, no b.s…

No?… ok…

With tongue firmly planted in cheek “Possibly the blackest album cover this year” is a bold statement that sets the bar high and should be seen as a challenge to other bands, who I guess will relish trying to take the “non more black” trophy back home to their nans… whether or not the music reaches some of the highs on this album remains to be seen.

Stevie wears his heart on his sleeve with this, along with his influences. For anyone that likes The Ramones, Cheap Trick, The Wildhearts, Dogs D’Amour and more… you’re going to love this.

There’s plenty of highlights to choose from, with ‘Bad Day’, ‘You’, ‘Set My Soul On Fire’, ‘Til Something Better Comes Along’ really shining through. One minute the music struts with snarling, punked up attitude and hooks, and then the next it’s stripped back to acoustics and piano that showcase a raft of emotion.

If there is a downside to the album (in my humble opinion) clocking in at just four minutes shy of an hour it’s probably three songs too long. If this landed on my desk, 9 or 10 songs bish bosh bash, 40 minutes total, I would have had this on repeat without breaking a sweat. But this is Stevie’s baby and given that he’s working with Jizzy Pearl plus stints with Warrior Soul and more… he can do whatever the fuck he wants to… and why not.

In all this is a real, honest, no-nonsense rock n’ roll album and the songs need to be experienced in a sweaty sold out club right now.

Score 8/10

Track List
01 – Bad Day
02 – Goin’ Down
03 – Nobody Loves You
04 – You
05 – Same Old Story
06 – Set My Soul On Fire
07 – Can’t Turn Your Back On Blood
08 – ‘Til Something Better Comes Along
09 – Mama’s Door
10 – Folsom Prison Blues
11 – Hooligan
12 – Doin’ Okay

Release Date
Self Released

Stevie R. Pearce and The Hooligans live:

SEPTEMBER 7TH- Bannermans Bar, EDINBURGH – Album Launch
SEPTEMBER 9TH- The Iron Road, Evesham, EVESHAM


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