Sulphur Aeon – Gateway to the Antisphere

Sulphur Aeon – Gateway to the Antisphere

21st November 2015 0 By Frank Rini

Germany’s Sulphur Aeon return with a new album and label.  Gateway to the Antisphere  tops their 2013 debut, Swallowed By the Ocean’s Tide and this new album is beastly in every way that brutal death metal should be.  First let’s get to this album cover.  The Lovecraftian theme continuing and how would you like to get swept around in that shitstorm of a mess?  The huge Lofecraftian Kraken, taking its tentacles and wrapping you up in them and punishing you with the vicious ocean of death.  You plean for your life…No, no, leave me alone, I am just an average man, listening to death metal and eating Taco Bell around the clock, leave me be!!  But the monstrosity says Hell no MOFO, I am going to grind you out, swirl you in a blender, then when your lifeless body is pleading to be let go, I will crush, stomp and decimate you 100 more times.  If you like the above description, well that pretty much sums up Gateway to the Antisphere.

“Devotion to the Cosmic Chaos” pretty much has one of the greatest death metal parts for all of 2015.  Tune begins with an epic very Behemoth influenced blasting part, with the blackened death metal guitars coming in and the sound is FEROCIOUS!!!  Martin’s vocals sounding even more diabolical and like he was chanting from hell itself.  The 1.44 groove with the monstrous double bass is brutal beyond belief.  But the HOLY SHIT part is right around the corner…The 4.15 part is that part.  Incredible stop/start epic riffing and if your head does not fall off from the incessant headbanging than you’re too busy listening to some junk like Mastodon.  This part is incredible, with guitar melodies also thrown in and the song ends with this part trailing off.  The title track has more of an epic buildup, before the killer drums come in, doing all their rolls and fills and then the bulldozing mid paced pummeling takes over, in Sherman Tank like heaviness.  The drums have one of the best drum productions this year, by the way.  Then the blasting comes back and destroys your pathetic helpless body.  The guitar melodies are phenomenal with ferocious vocals and some atmospheric swell towards the end.

I really enjoyed Sulphur Aeon’s debut album, but did feel the production, at times was a tad too noisy.  Now I like all forms of extreme metal and do not need my music crystal clear, but on Gateway to the Antisphere, I can tell Sulphur Aeon, made more of a conscious effort to have things sound better, studio wise.  This only furthers their brutality as you can now hear more of the nuances to their sound, as well as a new dimension to the music.  Their are alot of sounds going on here, from the monstrous blast beats, to the melodies, double bass, grunting vocals and atmosphere that if their were production issues, this could sound like a mess of sorts.  The digipak is one of the best I have seen, with the lyrics, artwork and design adding yet another layer to the sheer awesomeness on display.  Gateway to the Antisphere is one of the strongest and best death metal releases for 2015, no question about that.  Sulphur Aeon have upped the ante in the genre; pretenders beware.  This is outstanding, brutal, well played and ripping death metal!  Buy or Die!

Score: 9.5 out of 10
AATR Approved

Sulphur Aeon - Gateway to the AntisphereALBUM INFO

Track List:

1. …to Drown This World
2. Devotion to the Cosmic Chaos
3. Titans
4. Calls from Below
5. Abysshex
6. Diluvial Ascension – Gateway to the Antisphere
7. He Is the Gate
8. Seventy Steps
9. Onwards… Towards Kadath!
10. Into the Courts of Azathoth
11. Conclusion…

Imperium Productions

Release Date:

For Fans of:
Behemoth/Portal/Brutal Death Metal

Standout Tracks:
Devotion to the Cosmic Chaos/Titans/Diluvial Ascension – Gateway to the Antisphere