SYLOSIS – Cycle Of Suffering

SYLOSIS – Cycle Of Suffering

8th March 2020 0 By Mark Booth

People might have feared for the future of SYLOSIS when the bands driving force and mainman Josh Middleton left to join ARCHITECTS (replacing the late Tom Searle after his untimely passing). However fans can rejoice as after a four year hiatus SYLOSIS are back!

‘Cycle Of Suffering’ features a new rhythm section and fans don’t have to worry as they fit in superbly. With Josh’s involvement in metalcore over the last few years some fans might be worried that this influence has crept into the latest offering from SYLOSIS. However don’t worry, this is a straight up modern thrash release from the neck breaking speed of opener “Empty Pockets” right through to the penultimate track “Disintegrate”. For the majority of this release, SYLOSIS keep the tempo of the sustained assault to a high tempo as the riffs possess heaviness and technicality to drive the songs along. While the new rhythm section pummels away ensuring that the thrash juggernaut of SYLOSIS can easily steamroller all in their way. When they do ease off the pedal, the heaviness of the songs are still crushing and keeps the listener captivated with the clobbering being dished out.

The last track “Abandon” deviates from the thrash assault, with a restrained rhythm section and polished guitar riffs and “clean” vocals. Acting as a cool down from the slug fest that the listener has just incurred and reinvigorating your senses before you press play again.

SCORE – 7.5/10

Track Listing

01. Empty Prophets

02. I Sever

03. Cycle of Suffering

04. Shield

05. Calcified

06. Invidia

07. Idle Hands

08. Apex of Disdain

09. Arms Like a Noose

10. Devils in Their Eyes

11. Disintegrate

12. Abandon


Nuclear Blast

Release Date

7th February 2020

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