Tang – Dynamite Drug Diamond

Tang – Dynamite Drug Diamond

13th January 2014 0 By Chris Key
Tang are back with a 3rd album, for your screamo delictation, the alliteratively named Dynamite Drug Diamond.

These guys are from an ever growing scene in France (Lille to be exact) and having listened to this album let me say, tres bien mon amis!!

The album is, as other critics have said, intense and ferocious screamo package, offering some discordant and moody songs like “Paint In Black“. With vocals and screams cutting through the guitar work like razors and drums chaotically off beat, it’s a brave angle and for the most part, pays off!!

I enjoyed the half spoken half bellowed lyrics intermingle with beautiful but menacing riffs and rock solid basslines, as in the song “Eve Of Ceasefire Talks“.

In Loving Memories” has the rusty sounding high end riff and then another comes thumping along, with melodic vocals merging to great effect, this song leaves a lasting impression for sure. It’s the incessant clanging of those distorted guitars and well judged licks that get you.

Some of Tang’s songs can seem a bit downbeat and lack some structure, which don’t propel you through the song, more like drag you through it , such as “Wrong Place, Wrong Time“.

Tang have the ability to deliver pulsating and mesmerising songs like “Hellissandur“, which just build and build into a romping metal delight. Tang have some surprises up their sleeve and with “To Wake Up With A Broken Heart” you get a delicate intro which is ripped apart by visceral vocals and guitar.

Further discordant Ballads of Screamo continue with “Lost In Prayers” which has quite a tasty bassline, but doesn’t bring anything to the party, that the previous songs haven’t already. “Life Of Shooting Stars” again involves spoken word uttered over bass and guitar, this offers a break from the more intense tracks on the album in a way.

The album finishes with “Roses Out Of Chaos” which delivers a punchy exit to the album. It’s an outstanding instrumental outro, showcasing the band’s musicianship and is perfectly orchestrated metal. The use of strings is particularly powerful.

Overall the album is full of thoughtful metal songwriting and interesting details in the songs. To keep my undivided attention for the whole album, more diversity in the style of the songs on offer would have kept me glued!!

Score: 7 out of 10
AATR Approved


Tang - Dynamite Drug DiamondALBUM INFO:


1.. Highway Encounter
2.. Run And Run And Die
3.. Paint In Black
4.. Eve Of Ceasefire Talks
5.. In Loving Memories
6.. Wrong Place a Wrong Time
7.. Hellissandur
8.. To Wake Up With A Broken Heart
9.. Lost In Prayers
10.. Life Of Shooting Stars
11.. Roses Out Of Chaos

Record Label:
Sober Up Records

Release Date:
4th November 2013

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