Tantrum – Rough Cuts

Tantrum – Rough Cuts

15th October 2016 0 By John Deaux

Hot on the heels of their support slot with Diamond Head, Tantrum have released their ‘coming soon’ debut e.p Rough Cuts.

5 tracks & 15 minutes of pure kick ass rock n roll.

Slamming in with  In Love With Anarchy sets up what is going to be 15 minutes of Scottish rock n roll at its rawest.

Dirty Little Tease is their take on a dirty little 12 bar boogie & it really is dirty.

Third track is live favourite & set closer All Hail Rock n Roll. A superb headbanger.

Penultimate track Get Off Your Ass has some excellent Iron Maidenesque duel guitar fretboard wizardry from Steve & Stoo

Closing with the CD with Runnin’ is a masterstroke. The E.P opens strong & finishes even stronger. Leaving the casual listener with the junkie itch.

footage courtesy of yours truly.

Throughout the entire CD, the mix is pretty good & Adams vocals are as gritty as a stone filled snowball & full front. The bass occasionally drowns out the rhythm guitars as it’s sitting almost  alongside the vocal in the mix.  The solos are spot on. No over playing, understated & perfect for the songs.

The drums are tremendous. The kick drum has a serious amount of heft to it, the snare has bite & the cymbals cut like a hot knife through butter..

For a debut outing that’s completely self financed,  it’s well packaged, looks professional & sounds really good when played louder than everything else.

It’s a great CD to fuck to & for a fiver (price correct at time of publishing) a worthy purchase.


Billy – All Things hitty/Backing vox,

Adam – All things vocal,

Steve – All things 6 stringed,

Stoo – More things 6 stringed/Bits o’ singing,

Erik – All things 4 stringed.

Score 7.5/10

For fans of The Almighty

Tantrum CoverTrack List

In Love With Anarchy

Dirty Little Tease

All Hail Rock n Roll

Get Off Your Ass


Release Date

14th October 2016


Self Released

Check out Tantrum HERE & the E.P is available for purchase HERE

Watch out for Tantrum LIVE

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