Thousand Year War – Kingdom Of America

Thousand Year War – Kingdom Of America

19th July 2013 0 By Chris Key


Band: Thousand Year War
Album: Kingdom Of America
Record Label: Self Released
Release Date: March 21st 2013
Reviewed By: Chris

For Fans of: Melodic thrash acerbic metal!!
TRACKS TO CHECK OUT: Gather The Wolves


Reverbnation has this to say of the enigmatic band: Thousand Year War is Hiram Lohr(Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and Fredrik Widigs on drums(demonical).  All there is (sic)to know of this bands past is the release of the first full length “Tyrants and Men”.   The upcoming EP “Kingdom of America” will soon be self released by the band and promoted by Clawhammer Pr.

This folks is what I’m reviewing now and I can confirm that instrumental songs such as “Doom Rides These Mountains” with galloping guitar riffs, full blooded lead guitar and snares and bass drums that kick like a mule, this is a formidable and worthy EP.

“Vulture Eyes” is heroically chaotic, the pace of the playing is beyond fat at times, more like light speed stuff!! So frantic is the drumming, that there aren’t even a millisecond between beats!! Some interesting switch up of rhythms on the old drum kit here, which I found pleasing, lavishly drenched in a layers of thrash based
lead guitar all the Way down to its core.

“Gather The Wolves” packs the same punch (Pardon the pun). Vocals as corrosive and effective, consistency from Hiram Lohr is key to sustaining interest on this record.  Also regular frantic melodies set by lead or vocal make the chaos coherent in a real sense!! Structure is key even in the midst of pandemonium for these guys and pays off in abundance!!

SCORE – 7.5 out of 10


Track Listing:
1.         Kingdom of America
2.         Weep As We Die
3.         London Dungeon (Misfits cover)
4.         Doom Rides These Mountains
5.         Vulture Eyes
6.         Gather the Wolves