Trials – In The Shadow Of Swords

15th May 2013 0 By Chris Key

Trials In The Shadow Of Swords

Band: Trials
Album: In The Shadow Of Swords
Record Label: Self Released
Release Date: May 1st 2013
Reviewed By: Chris
Track Listing:
1. Conjoined
2.Believers In Black
3.Blueprints Of Metaphors
4.In The Misery Machine
5.With Only Sorrow Now
6.All The Promises
8.Embracing Nothing
For Fans of: melodic thrash driven modern metal
TRACKS TO CHECK OUT: Believers In Black
I have been so impressed with all the unsigned metal that has been falling on AATR’s doorstep recently it’s putting some established names to shame.
Chicago Modern Metal powerhouse Trials is but another mighty force to be reckoned with despite having no label to call their home, but not for much long surely!!
Songs like “Believers In Black” are shamelessly destructive yet melodic in parts whilst delivering riffs that have a big old hook and pack a right royal punch in the face for the listener. Like grappling with a rather ferocious gorilla, it’s unlikely to be a beating you will forget in a hurry!! Difference is you are going to enjoy this encounter a whole heap more!!
“Blueprints Of Metaphor” is but one example of the stampeding thrash riffs bubbling away in a melting pot of screamo vocals and melody, with some jaw dropping pinch harmonics thrown in just for show!! The band really put all their cards on the table with this showing, it’s a statement, “you want metal? Well we can do it all!!”
And the album is hellbent in continuing in the same way all the way through to track 9 “Jawbreaker” with the anthemic vocals, noticeable lighter and more approachable for the unacquainted with heavy metal, still peppered with double kickers and ripping thrash riffage!!
Honestly, play this record and then ask yourself, these guys aren’t signed, what the fuck, what do they have to do, cos frankly if they played any faster or harder I think they might just explode out of their textbook metal outfits!!
SCORE – 7.5 out of 10
Readers album score: {extravote 1}