Untrue Rumors of Band Cancellations Plaguing Rock N Skull Festival

Written by John Deaux

March 13, 2017,  It was reported this morning via Metal Sludge that Rock N Skull Festival has started cancelling bands from their confirmed line up.  This is a completely false rumour with no backing evidence to support it. I spoke with Justin Murr (one of the organisers)of Rock N Skull from LNJ Entertainment earlier  He has confirmed that no bands have been cancelled from the lineup and that there was never a conversation of cutting any bands from the lineup.

Here is the statement released this morning by Justin Murr:

“We have read Metal Sludge’s article, we have everything riding on this year so we are greatly concerned. This is my one and only public reply since we have now handed this over to our legal reps…….

This morning I awoke and read an email from the CEO of Metal Sludge that was sent at 11:39 pm asking me to respond to a news story the website was going to run. Instead of giving me ample time to respond, 30 minutes later Metal Sludge took it upon themselves to post said story.

Our attorney has been contacted and we are publicly asking Metal Sludge CEO or whoever wrote that story for the website to name their sources. In the story, it has been printed that …

“According to sources, Rock N’ Skull will soon announce dropping more bands off their 2017 event.

A band member close to the event, alleges that the promoter is approaching select acts with an offer or option to ‘pull out’.

One of our sources also alleges some of the groups are resistant to do so. The source noted these groups have already been contracted and advertised to appear for nearly 5 months.”

The obscene part of this story is that NO ONE at RNS has contacted anyone about “options or pulling out”. We are appalled that a news website would post this without contacting and hearing what we have to say. Instead, these “sources” and Metal Sludge would rather post a fabricated story causing public damage to our event and effecting many people’s financial investment in said event.

This has effected us, make no qualms about it. We have been contacted by agents and concert goers with concerns in regards to this. The only band we have had any talks with was a band that was not happy with their billing on our poster and contacted us through their agent. We responded to said email and that is it.

So we ask once again for the website Metal Sludge to name its sources or we have to ask if they will not why post such a defaming article?”

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