Vicious Rumors – Live you to death Vol.2 American Punishment

Vicious Rumors – Live you to death Vol.2 American Punishment

29th May 2014 0 By David Palombi

The legendary Vicious Rumors come back on the market with another live CD, Live you to death Vol.2 American Punishment.

The album, recorded during the American tour and aptly called American Punishment shows a band renewed, in fact close to the historic. Geoff Thorpe (guitarist and founder of the band), Larry Howe (drums) Tilen Hudrap on bass, Bob Capka at the second guitar and the young Nick Holleman a northern European singer, are the latest entry in Vicious Rumors.

We know the band is amazing, a live thirty-year career and hundreds of concerts that continue to hold in all the major festivals in the world. In this regard the band will be co-headlining the prestigious event 70,000 tons of metal cruise in 2014 (cruising with the metal bands playing live on board), but this disc offers even more in evidence the quality of a close-knit group despite the many changes in the line-up.

The young Nick Holleman is appreciated for his vocal talents which are acute and have an impressive intonation. The stamp will remind some of the Bruce Dickinson heyday, although Nick has a well-defined personality .

The album, available from June 24th via SPV/Steamhammer is produced by Thorpe and mixed by Juan Urteaga. It is fast and in your face, and as stated by the mastermind of the group. The Vicious Rumors are known for their wicked performances Live You To Death 2 – American Punishment captures the fire and energy of the live band. This live CD is a high-speed hammer and razor sharp!

Score: 7 out of 10



Track List:

1. Digital Dictator
2. Minute To Kill
3. Towns On Fire
4. Lady Took A Chance
5. Worls And Machines
6. I Am The Gun
7. Electric Punishment
8. You Only Live Twice
9. Mastermind
10. Don`t Wait For Me
11. World Church
12. Hellraiser
13. Soldiers Of The Night

Record Label:
SPV / Steamhammer

Release Date:
24th June 2014