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Walter Trout – Queens Hall Edinburgh – 22nd October

Written by John Deaux

In support of his Alive In Amsterdam album, Walter Trout came to Edinburgh for the 1st time since his illness back in 2014.sounding & playing better than ever.

As admitted by the man himself (in a conversation backstage after the show) he played better this night than he did on the recording of the album as there was less pressure.

Sporting what looked like an early Fender Strat (but later disclosed as a”mutt”) Walter & the band took the stage at 8:30pm & played a 105 minute set which was littered with personal stories & anecdotes.

The majority of the set was taken from his comeback album Battle Scars which is a very personal album as it deals with what he went through during the 8months he spent in hospital with cirrhosis of the liver & awaiting a transplant.

Speaking to Walter after the show it transpires that the album was written acoustically in 10 days. The first 6 songs where done in a day. He found the whole process extremely cathartic. The songs just poured out incredibly naturally. Nothing was over thought.

One thing that totally blew me away about the show was that there was absolutely no set list. Walter & the band make it up as they go along. There are certain songs that are a mainstay in the set (i.e I’m Back, Take Me Home & Haunted by The Night from Battle Scars) but the majority is basically whatever Mr. Trout fancies. Which shows not only the calibre of the man himself but also the band that’s with him.

There’s something about the sound of a Hammond organ that instantly makes me want to weep (it’s possibly because I can’t play it) & the way Sammy plays, with eyes closed & firmly in the zone, makes it a joy to watch as well.

Michael Leasure on drums is truly a master craftsman & everything you want in a drummer. Completely precise & able to improvise at the drop of a hat.

Andrew Elt (who was not only the tour manager) joined the band on stage for a couple of numbers. (including an emotionally charged Take Me Home from Battle Scars)Not just to play guitar but taking on the vocal duties for the blues standard, Going Down. The man has so much power in his voice. It’s blatantly obvious why he’s in a Led Zeppelin tribute band.

This was definitely my show of the year so far & I cannot wait to, not only catch up with the man who I had an amazing personal chat with, but to watch him perform live once again.

A hell of a magical night, where the stars aligned & the sound was brilliant.

Score 10/10AATR Approved

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