Whyzdom – Symphony For A Hopeless God

Whyzdom – Symphony For A Hopeless God

15th April 2015 0 By Chris Key

Hailing from picturesque Paris, are Whyzdom, a Symphonic Metal band to add to the long line of European bands of the very same genre.

But what is different about this band’s approach, will it revolutionise or revitalise a genre, that in this humble reviewers opinion has been overdone one too many times, with most examples barring Lacuna Coil and Nightwish escaping my recent memory.

Anyway, excuse the world-weariness, let’s see if they can freshen this whole thing up.

“While The Witches Burn” doesn’t fill me with oceans of confidence, it is a bit predictable, with epic vocal chanting/harmony to open, with some bells tolling in the background. In my defence of being harsh here, I would say this, Metallica made arguably the best Symphonic Metal album ever in 1999 and this solid, evocative and inspired as a decision. It is against this backdrop and yardstick that I measure. OK, rant over!

It should be said that the Vocals of Marie Rouyer are pretty commendable and on their own are fairly impressive, as on “Tears Of A Hopeless God”.

I suppose, what frustrates me most about this genre and approach, is that, the electric guitar doesn’t really get to shine, all focus is pulled to the vocal as any riffs acts as a lavish canvas for it. However, there is a pretty stomping riff on “Let’s Play With Fire” which is good to hear.

“Eve’s Last Daughter” gets a little darker and operatic in vocal, to previously uncharted levels in this genre as well! I am a little open-mouthed by some of the vocals.

Making my way through the album “Asylum Of Eden” has some pretty passable metal riffs, “Waking Up The Titans” is extremely epic and aims to sound pretty special, but doesn’t quite meet it’s lofty ambitions.

“Theory Of Life” even attempts some death growls and falls rather short. “Where Are The Angels” then reverts back to standard Symphonic Metal, to bring back a feeling of familiarity, but again, I wasn’t especially impressed.

The finale “Pandoras Tears” shows Whyzdom’s virtues and sins all in one package. Like many of their songs, they are designed to be spectacular and large scale, attention grabbing compositions. This is definitely something to admire, the problem is I found most to be formulaic, uninspiring and unremarkable.

There will definitely be a market out there for this genre, for those who haven’t seen it, heard it and done it by the bucket loads! So, to those people, I say, fill your boots, it’s all yours!

Score: 5 out of 10

Whyzdom - Symphony For A Hopeless GodALBUM INFO


1. While the Witches Burn
2. Tears of a Hopeless God
3. Let’s Play with Fire
4. Eve’s Last Daughter
5. Don’t Try to Blind Me
6. The Mask
7. Asylum of Eden
8. Waking Up the Titans
9. Theory of Life
10. Where Are the Angels
11. Pandora’s Tears

Record Label:
Scarlet Records

Release Date:
February 17th 2015

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Symphonic Metal