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Wretched Soul – Veronica

Written by Dave O'Gorman

I just looked at this and thought to myself, this is going to be cool. Wretched Soul are a band from the UK who mix death metal and thrash metal and throw in some high pitched soaring vocals on occasion. This is their debut full length record and God Damn it if it is not killer! I checked out some live footage of these guys and they are nailing this material live also.

This is just a straight up killer metal record. These guys have taken elements of death metal, some thrash metal and mixed it all up on here. The production is punchy and gives everything plenty of room to breathe and nothing is overpowering.

There is a really killer but never boring sense of melody that is mixed up in here and it really adds an extra dimension to this record, this is really evident on the title track.

The musicianship here is top notch and as I said they also kill it live. The guitar work is sick with riff after riff from beginning to end. The drummer is a badass no doubt about it. However, Chris Simmons, where did he come from – the vocals on this record are outstanding brutal growls to clean soaring vocals!

A killer release.

Score: 9 out of 10
AATR Approved



wretched soul - veronica - thumbALBUM INFO

Band: Wretched Soul
Record: Veronica Record
Label: Dark Lord Records

Line Up:

Andy Clifford – Drums
Steve Clifford – Guitars
Luke Mayell – Bass
Chris Simmons – Vocals

Track Listing:

1. Where Shadows Ride
2. Summon the Hunter
3. Veronica
4. Undying War
5. Wounded Illusion
6. Black Wings Of Treachery
7. The Unmaking
8. Dash to Destruction




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Dave O'Gorman

My name is Dave O’Gorman from Navan in Ireland. I listen to all kinds of metal – Death, Thrash, Grindcore, Black, Power, Crust, Sludge, Hardcore, and Experimental - everything sick, interesting and brutal. I hate illegal downloading or stealing music as it should be called.

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