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28th February 2021 0

Tony Foresta Introduces His Thrash Metal Pups

By Queen Nikki

Tony Foresta has been schooling thrashers in the art of partying for the last two decades. As frontman of both Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan he has certainly kept himself...

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13th November 2020 0

GWAR – “Scumdogs Of The Universe – 30th Anniversary” Live Stream 30th October 2020 Review

By Gavin Griffiths

2020...quite the remarkable year wouldn’t you agree? We’re now in November, and the world is still in the midst of the Coronavirus clusterfuck, with lockdowns happening left, right, north, south, east, west and centre. But, while we’re all once again...

5th November 2020 0

Paradise Lost – The Mill, Bradford, England – November 5th 2020 Review

By John Deaux

Covid 19 has made an absolute shit show of 2020 for live shows but thankfully not for live streams. Paradise...

31st October 2020 1

Ice Nine Kills – The Silver Stream – Review

By John Deaux

Ice Nine Kills gave their fans a Halloween treat by streaming an entire live show under the guise of The...

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26th February 2021 0

‘Love is Gonna Win’ — So Says Elles Bailey! Elles Bailey Releases Her Latest Single & Shares the Accompanying Video

By John Deaux

Elles Bailey — multi-award-winning, smoky-voiced genre-crossing chanteuse, not to mention...