A Vicious End – The Hills Will Burn: A Review

A Vicious End – The Hills Will Burn: A Review

11th January 2021 0 By Owen Edmonds

Well…. After listening to the first song, A New Beginning, I was absolutely hooked. The sound reminded me of an exciting and modern Iron Maiden. Heavy. Twin Guitars. I was in.

Did the rest of the album live up to a wonderful start from this new Californian Metalcore band?

Carry on reading to find out.

The Review

Now metalcore isn’t my ‘go to’ musical style, but if I’m in the right mood I can sit back and enjoy. As I mentioned, the first track was a real surprise to listen too. It’s a great example of intricate guitar work, nice riffs and an overall tone of good old fashioned metal.  Playlist.

The second track (and the rest of the album) is more what you expect from typical metalcore, the screaming vocals, the heavy drums so imagine my surprise when the third track on the album started.

Titled ‘Behold The Archer’ the third track should be nothing more than an A-Typical metalcore song. However, it isn’t. At least, not to me. 

It starts out with some classic stringed instruments but then erupts into a cavalcade (I got a Thesaurus for Christmas) of metal. The guitar work is superb, I love the movement in the song. There are these momentary pauses in the music, just for a micro second and they add a complexity I wasn’t expecting. The guitars in the verse are heavy and sustained. Great work. And yes, Playlist.

The rest of the album is good. I enjoyed it. There are moments when I question the vocal style, ‘Let The Waters Consume’ for example is the same style that my mates who don’t like Metalcore do to take the piss. What helps this song are the heavy kick drums and bass, which I’d like to be louder in the mix (this is true of all music though as it really is all about that bass).


With two tracks that have gone onto my ‘heavy’ playlist, this is a good album from a new band that I think have potential. I enjoy the down tuned guitars, heavy drums and occasionally the screaming vocals.

Give them a listen. It’s worth it.

Score 7.5/10

Track Listing

  1. A New Beginning
  2. At Dawn We Ride
  3. Behold The Archer
  4. Don’t Back Down
  5. Fields of Gray
  6. Insidious
  7. Let the Waters Consume
  8. Salt The Earth
  9. Smoke and Mirrors
  10. The Black Pearl
  11. Trail of Tears
  12. Without You
    Label – CD Baby
    Release – 10th October 2020

    For all things A Vicious End, click HERE and to purchase the album, click HERE

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