Al Di Meola  Unveils new single “Eden” and corresponding music video from his upcoming album “Twentyfour” – out July 19th

Al Di Meola Unveils new single “Eden” and corresponding music video from his upcoming album “Twentyfour” – out July 19th

14th June 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

Celebrated guitarist and composer Al Di Meola is releasing today his brand new single “Eden,” which is a musical masterpiece and offers an inside look into his new studio album, “Twentyfour,” coming out on July 19th.
Once again, Al Di Meola demonstrates his unbelievable talent with this new single. It is an acoustic opus with a melody that speaks to the heart, featuring exceptional lyrics and an outstanding vocal performance by Siuxx (Ivan Lopez). “Eden” stands out on the album as the only track with vocals, telling a beautiful story through its enchanting melody and captivating lyrics. It reflects the feeling of missing a person dearly and the sense of incompleteness without them. This single will fascinate and hypnotize listeners with its wonderful melody, great storytelling, and enchanting voice.

Originally conceived as an acoustic project reflecting the challenges of the pandemic era, “Twentyfour” has evolved into a grand production featuring orchestral arrangements and electric guitars. The album represents a departure from Al Di Meola’s usual acoustic style, showcasing his versatility and musical evolution.
Al Di Meola’s “Twentyfour,” is a testament to creativity. Conceived during the tumultuous times of the pandemic, what started as a simple acoustic project evolved into something much grander. Al’s initial intention to craft a reflective acoustic album on the challenges of the time expanded exponentially as he found himself unable to resist the allure of boundless musical exploration.
Over the span of four years, “Twentyfour” blossomed into a masterpiece, brimming with intricately woven melodies, diverse instrumentation, and captivating highlights. It’s a journey through Al’s musical evolution, showcasing his virtuosity and vision in those special times. Each track is a moment within these four years and a contemporary witness to the events. Released on earMUSIC, the album will be available digitally, as a 2LP gatefold, and double CD.

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