Alpha Tiger – Beneath the Surface

21st January 2013 0 By Matt Farrington

Alpha Tiger - Beneath the Surface

Band: Alpha Tiger
Album: Beneath the Surface
Release Date: 28th January 2013
Record Label: Century Media
Reviewed By: Matt



Alpha Tiger release their second album on 28th January and in response to their debut sounding too alike Iron Maiden, Halloween and Queensryche defiantly said they wanted to deliver something that was more unique and develop their own style.


The result? They still remind me very much of Helloween circa the Micheal Kiske era, Stephan Dietrich delivers a strong powerful throughout and the music is tight and delivered well. Soaring vocals over flowing guitar riffs and backed up by precise drumming and intricate basswork, the band can surely deliver and it’s clear to see through their style what and who their influences have been.


Single “From Outer Space“ is a clear example of this whilst “Eden Lies In Ruins” slows the pace slightly and certainly for me one of the albums outstanding tracks. “Rain” is the albums ballad (although this changes midway) and is a truly excellent piece of work.


This album takes you back to the highlights of 80’s true metal, yes they sound reminiscent of Helloween and yes there are hints of Tate from Queensrche’s early work, but suffer from it? No they don’t, and for the times you want to remember why you loved Metal in the first place, I’d suggest you play this. Truly nostalgic, and that’s definitely a strength, great result for the follow up guys!.


AATR Approved

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