Armored Saint – March Of The Saint, Delirious Nomad, Raising Fear – Vinyl Reissue Review

Armored Saint – March Of The Saint, Delirious Nomad, Raising Fear – Vinyl Reissue Review

20th April 2022 0 By John Deaux

Armored Saint are one of the few metal bands that haven’t made the same album twice and their first three albums (March Of The Saint, Delirious Nomad, Raising Fear) are testament to this.

Those lovely people at Metal Blade have remastered these albums for vinyl and I must say they sound pretty darn good. I’ve A&B’d these reissues with the original Chrysalis pressings, and these have just a touch more clarity to them.

March Of The Saint is a superb debut album. Every cut on this record could’ve been produced for the radio. I hate to use the phrase ‘all killer and no filler’ but it’s bang on the money. This is a debut album that’s worthy of a place next  to Metallicas Kill Em All and Ultra Violence from Death Angel. It’s that good and that important.

Delirous Nomad took the musicality of March and made it moodier whilst still keeping the musicality and the riffs we all love from this often over looked band. This is a much more guitar orientated album compared to their debut. 

Raising Fear on the other hand is much heavier and brutal in its content and my personal favorite of the 3. This is the album where Armored Saint started to come into their own and develop into the band we know and love to this day.

If you’re just arriving at the stage of discovering Armored Saint thanks to Punching The Sky or the live version of Symbol Of Salvation  you’re going to enjoy this trilogy of metal at it’s finest. For those of you who need/want to replace your copies of the albums, you could do a lot worse than these official releases.
Score 8/10
Track Lists

March Of The Saint
March of the Saint
Can U Deliver
Mad House
Take a Turn
Mutiny on the World
Glory Hunter
Stricken by Fate
False Alarm

Delirious Nomad
Long Before I Die
Nervous Man
Over the Edge
The Laugh
For the Sake of Heaviness
In the Hole
You’re Never Alone

Raising Fear
Raising Fear
Saturday Night Special
Out on a Limb
Chemical Euphoria
Crisis of Life
Frozen Will / Legacy
Human Vulture
Book of Blood
Label – Metal Blade

Release – 15th April 2022

For all things Armored Saint, click HERE and to purchase these albums, click HERE

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