Author: Jeni

Hi, I’m Jeni, a twenty-something-year-old metal chick with a pungent for all things geek, art and bizarre fashion choices including my recent addition of light up trainers!!! My passion for metal started when I was in school and my dad bought me Sum 41’s All Killer No Filler which I thought worked well with my Avril Lavigne esque skater girl look (It’s embarrassing I know but I’m pretty sure 90% of girls went through this shameful style of vest/tie combos). From there my love for metal started to blossom, I was spending most of my time at gigs and listening to more diverse music which got progressively heavier (to the dismay of my mum) and by the time I went to my first Download Festival I was in full swing. Windmilling arms towards the front pit of Slipknot and screaming like I knew what I was doing! (I didn’t know and just ended up losing my voice but it was an experience I’ll never forget). Now, I predominantly listen to all things “core” metalcore, hardcore etc but I also still have a sweet spot for pop punk (I can hear the moans of everyone at AATR already). I’m sure you’ll get the gist of what I’m about from reading my reviews! I hope you all enjoy - Jenibean out :)
2nd November 2016 0

Browlin All My Days

By Jeni

I recently listened to Browlin’s latest track “All my Days” which starts with a video depicting old archive footage from…