Author: Rebekah Elvidge

Hi, I’m Rebekah. I’m a Northerner and a copywriter/occasional journo/video editor – a little bit of everything! When I’m not juggling my various jobs I’m usually found at a gig, whether it’s a small local show at a DIY venue or a huge concert at a 20,000 capacity arena. My love affair with rock and metal began when 9 year old me first heard Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ – I’m now in my twenties and not a thing has changed! I still hold a candle for punk, but my musical tastes vary hugely. I love old school metal, nu metal, glam metal and especially shock rock – Alice Cooper is my all-time favourite performer (this probably has something to do with coming from a musical theatre background!). The rest of my spare time tends to be taken up with travelling and being a bit of a foodie – you can follow my (mis)adventures on Instagram @rebekahelvidge.