BILLY MORRISON   The Morrison Project Album &    3rd Single It’s Come To This Both Out Now

BILLY MORRISON The Morrison Project Album & 3rd Single It’s Come To This Both Out Now

13th June 2024 0 By Jon Deaux

Billy Morrison, Billy Idol’s rhythm guitar player for the past 15 years, new solo album, The Morrison Project, is out now via TLG|ZOID through Virgin Music Group. He also shares the video of It’s Come To This, the latest single to come from the new album.   In the USA Crack Cocaine is currently at No.4 with a bullet on the US Rock Radio Chart and No.6 on the Billboard chart. 

You can buy the CD and vinyl of The Morrison Project from HMV, Rough Trade, Banquet Records, Juno and through Amazon:  see all purchase links at the end. 

The Morrison Project is Billy Morrison’s third solo album and his first since 2015. He has assembled 12 electrifying songs with guest performances by Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, DMC, Al Jourgensen, Steve Vai, Linda Perry, Tommy Clufetos, John5, and more. All the songs on the album were written by Billy Morrison in collaboration with his guests. 

Many of the songs are Morrison’s very personal observations drawn from the events of recent years. “This album reflects who I am and how I felt during the pandemic. It feels like a cohesive journey through my mind during that time. Angry, reflective, and observational, I am extremely proud of The Morrison Project and I hope there are some relatable moments for people when they listen to the lyrics. 

I had reached a point two or three years ago,” he says of the first single Drowning, “where I felt like I was drowning in negativity. I wrote the song as a cathartic way of dealing with what I was feeling at the time.”  

The second single Crack Cocaine features Ozzy Osbourne on vocals and Billy Idol’s lead guitarist Steve Stevens and did well on the radio on both sides of the Atlantic – the video amassed over 3 million hits on YouTube.

“Obviously the album would have felt incomplete without having a track featuring Billy Idol,” Morrison says of Mr Dream. I love the space the verses have which showcase Billy’s iconic vocal sound. The talking segments also shine – he has such a unique-sounding voice. The lyrics came from a comment that Steve made to me about a certain egotistical politician who seems to have some kind of charm and people gravitate to him, no matter what his policies are – very dangerous! 

It’s Come To This was released on video in May, hot on the heels of the smash second single Crack Cocaine. The video is directed by Ivo Raza who also directed the video for Crack Cocaine. Billy Morrison is joined by acclaimed actor Joe Manganiello whose character is a mysterious ‘collector of souls’. During the Pandemic,” Morrison muses, “I was having fantasies of selling it all, jumping in the car and just disappearing into the desert, in search of a deeper meaning to what we were all going through. The information overload and the uncertainty were getting to me and I felt like it had come to this……. It had come to a point where I wanted out!! 

The video reflects the road movies of the 70’s and I’m grateful to Joe for agreeing to spend a day in the blazing hot sun with me! I wanted him to have an input into his character and he came up with the idea of a collector of souls. Joe makes such an imposing and scary figure on film! 

The Shelby Mustang was loaned to me by Galpin Auto Sports, with whom I have a wonderful relationship,” Billy adds. “Thanks to Dave Shuten and Beau Boeckmann, they sent the car out to our location. I got to drive it all day, wheel-spin it around the dirt, and generally get to live out my automobile fantasy!! 

The Morrison Project is out now via the Label Group’s partnership with TLG|ZOID through Virgin Music Group. 


  1. DROWNING (Written by Billy Morrison/Erik Eldenius/Jeordie White)
  2. CRACK COCAINE (Featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Steve Stevens with Tommy Clufetos on drums. Written by Billy Morrison/Ozzy Osbourne/Steve Stevens)
  3. ITS COME TO THIS (Written by Billy Morrison/Erik Eldenius)
  4. THE AYES HAVE IT (Featuring Al Jourgensen and John5 with Roy Mayorga on drums. Written by Billy Morrison)
  5. DYSTOPIA (Written by Billy Morrison/Erik Eldenius/Jeordie White)
  6. INCITE THE WATCH  (Featuring Corey Taylor and Steve Vai. Written by Billy Morrison/Erik Eldenius/Jeordie White/Corey Taylor)
  7. PUPPETS ON A STRING (Written by Billy Morrison/Erik Eldenius/Jeordie White)
  8. JUST LIKE A MOVIE (Featuring D.M.C. and Persia Numan with Erik Eldenius on drums) 

(Written by Billy Morrison/Erik Eldenius/Jeordie White/ Darryl McDaniels/Persia Numan) 


(Written by Billy Morrison, Erik Eldenius, Jeordie White) 

  1. MR. DREAM (Featuring Billy Idol and Steve Stevens. Written by Billy Morrison/Erik Eldenius/Jeordie White/Steve Stevens/Billy Idol)
  2. WE ARE THE DEAD (Written by Billy Morrison/Erik Eldenius/Jeordie White)
  3. CHASING SHADOWS  (Featuring Linda Perry. Written by Billy Morrison)


Produced by Billy Morrison, and mixed by Barry Pointer. 


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