Bon Scott’s Fraternity – Seasons Of Change Complete Recordings – Out January on Cherry Red

Bon Scott’s Fraternity – Seasons Of Change Complete Recordings – Out January on Cherry Red

8th October 2020 0 By Jon Deaux

Founded in Australia, rock band FRATERNITY will forever be associated with their lead singer, Bon Scott, who would later join AC/DC and enjoy worldwide fame. However, Scott’s tenure with Fraternity has been poorly documented on the reissue market. The band had issued two albums at the time namely, Livestock and Flaming Galah, which were never released officially. Their story has never been told accurately…
Half a century later, SEASONS OF CHANGE finally seeks to amend this oversight. Curated by Victor Marshall in conjunction with surviving band members (Bruce Howe, John Freeman, Sam See, John Bisset, Uncle John Eyers, the Estate of Mick Jurd and their original manager Hamish Henry), this 3-CD set seeks to offer the complete recorded output of FRATERNITY. This includes both their albums from 1971-72 (originally issued on Sweet Peach and RCA respectively), utilising the original master tapes and best possible remastering sources, adding all relevant non-albums singles A’s and B’s and EP tracks. Bonus tracks feature Fraternity backing The Valentines’ Vince Lovegrove and their victory at the National Battle Of The Sounds competition where they claimed the title of Australia’s No. 1 band.
Established In 1969 by Hamish Henry, the Grape Organisation managed many of Australia’s greatest bands and venues. Based in Le Fevre Terrace, Adelaide, the offices of Grape were a hub for Australian musos, writers and artists. The Grape Organisation managed many artists of which Fraternity was the main attraction. Hamish Henry and the Grape Organisation organised many of Adelaide’s biggest concerts including the 1971 Myponga Music Festival which saw Fraternity headline alongside Black Sabbath. Today, The Grape Organisation with its new General Manager, Victor Marshall, continues to promote the interests of Australian bands.
Research by Victor Marshall for his upcoming Fraternity biography uncovered the long-lost Hamish Henry cache of session tapes, which have been curated into FRATERNITY’s third album ‘Second Chance’. ‘Second Chance’ also features live tracks recorded at Pt Lincoln, South Australia, as part of their historic Country Arts Tour and unheard songs including vocals and song writing contributions from Bon Scott. Famous artist Vytas Serelis, designer of the ‘Flaming Galah’ cover returns with original cover artwork for ‘Second Chance’.    
Musically, from their base in Aldgate, South Australia, FRATERNITY ran the gamut of musical styles in vogue on the rock scene at the dawn of the 1970s, from proto-heavy metal to country and soft rock, progressive music and a nod here and there to the earlier psychedelic boom.

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Disc One:

1. Livestock
2. Somerville
3. Raglan’s Folly
4. Cool Spot
5. Grand Canyon Suites
6. Jupiter Landscape
7. You Have A God
8. It
Bonus Tracks
9. Why Did It Have To Be Me?
10. Question
11. Seasons Of Change
12. Somerville (Single Version)
13. The Race Part 1
14. The Race Part 2
 Disc Two:
Flaming Galah

1. Welfare Boogie
2. Annabelle
3. Seasons Of Chang
4. If You Got It
5. You Have A God
6. Hemming’s Farm
7. Raglan’s Folly
8. Getting Off
9. Somerville R.I.P
Bonus Tracks
10. The Shape I’m In
11. If You Got It
12. Raglan’s Folly
13. You Have A God
14. Seasons Of Change / If You Got It
Disc Three:
Second Chance
1. Second Chance
2. Tiger
3. Going Down
4. Patch Of Land
5. Cool Spot (Alternative Version)
6. Hogwash
7. Chest Fever
8. Little Queenie
9. The Memory
10. Just Another Whistle Stop
11. No Particular Place To Go
12. Livestock
13. Rented Room Blues
14. Get Myself Out Of This Place (Alias Getting Off)
15. That’s Alright Momma

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