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14th February 2013 0

Nettlecarrier – Nettlecarrier

By Craig

    Band: Nettlecarrier Album: Nettlecarrier Record Label: Indie Records Release Date: 21st September 2013 Reviewed By: Daniel So Nettlecarrier…

13th February 2013 0

9MM – Volle Kraft Voraus

By Craig

  Band: 9MM Album: Volle Kraft Voraus Record Label: Napalm Records Release Date: November 23rd 2012 Reviewed By: Craig 9MM are…

3rd February 2013 0

Otep – Hydra

By Craig

  Band: Otep Album: Hydra Record Label: Victory Records Release Date: 22nd January 2013 Reviewed By: Ant      …

12th January 2013 0

Aeon – Aeons Black

By Mark Booth

Band: Aeon Album: Aeons Black Record Label: Metal Blade Release Date: 20th November 2012 Reviewed By: Mark     Aeon…

11th January 2013 0

Advocates – Mindless

By Mark Booth

Band: Advocates Album: Mindless Record Label: Ghost Music Release Date: 28th October 2012 Reviewed By: Mark       Advocates…

6th December 2012 0

Otep – Sounds like Armageddon

By Craig

  Band: Otep Album: Sounds like Armageddon Record Label: Victory Records Release Date: November 6th 2012 Reviewed By: Craig Its been almost 12 years that…

12th December 2011 1

Megadeth – Th1rt3en

By Craig

Th1rt3en (Thirteen) is the aptly named thirteenth studio album by metal gods Megadeth, the album is comprised of songs that…