Comeback Kid – Outsider

Comeback Kid – Outsider

31st August 2017 0 By Mark Booth

COMEBACK KID are back with their 6th album (and first for Nuclear Blast) ‘Outsider’, can they capitalise on the success and hardcore brutality of 2014 album ‘Die Knowing’? Well let’s find out…

The album opens with the track ‘Outsider’ and smashes the listener in the face with a heavy slab of hardcore, which is aggressive and relentless in its assault. However it manages to inject a melodic tinge to the sonic assault that will keep the listener engaged in the beat down COMEBACK KID are dishing out.

The album then follows in this vein with heavy aggressive beat down sections, frenetic riffs clawing the speed up to 100mph and drums that pummel and abuse the listener to within an inch of their life one minute and then ease the brutal assault to a more leisurely assault. Although Andrew Neufeld still spits his anger, rage and disgust at the listener, he has also added a more melodic approach to his vocals on this release.

‘Die Knowing’ was 33 minutes of pure hardcore violence, while on ‘Outsider’ COMEBACK KID have added more dimensions to the hardcore sound by incorporating some thrash inspired riffage to the songs (especially the song ‘Absolute’ which features Devin Townsend). While the whole album has a more melodic “pop-punk” sound to it, although to some that might sound terrible (even to me), COMEBACK KID manage to pull it off and add some “bounce” and hooks to the aggressive hardcore. The hardcore edge that seems to have been significantly dropped on this release is the use of gang vocals that was prominent on ‘Die Knowing’.

While in my opinion this release isn’t as good as ‘Die Knowing’, it is still a very heavy solid slab of bruising hardcore that fans of the band will lap up. If you are new to COMEBACK KID then this is still a very good release to introduce you to the band and their sound.

So purchase this release and get ready to start the “lawnmower” while the “Gorillas” watch on and some will ignore you while “picking up change” and the “windmills” will turn at the edge amongst the “Creepy Crawlies” all whilst the “Glorious Pile On” happens down at the front…

If the above has baffled you then maybe this release isn’t for…

SCORE – 8.5

Track Listing
01 Outsider
02 Surrender Control
03 Absolute (feat. Devin Townsend)
04 Hell Of A Scene
05 Somewhere, Somehow
06 Consumed The Vision
07 I’ll Be That
08 Outrage (Fresh Face, Stale Cause)
09 Blindspot
10 Livid, I’m Prime
11 Recover
12 Throw That Stone
13 Moment In Time

Release Date
8th Sept
Nuclear Blast

Keep an eye on Comeback HERE and to purchase the album click HERE

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