Cristiano Blasi and Elena Richetta of Ainur Interview

Cristiano Blasi and Elena Richetta of Ainur Interview

18th February 2021 0 By John Deaux

Ainur are the true definition of genre bending. Combing elements of progressive metal with tradition folk and orchestral arrangements as well as songs inspired by Tolkiens Middle Earth, gives the listener something completely ethereal to wrap their ears around.

We caught up with lead vocalist Elena and flutiest Cristiano for a chat about their pets and up and coming music. 

Thank you for taking the time out during this global pandemic for an interview. Tell us a bit about your animals


Elena: I’ve always had pets in my life, cats, dogs they were just my best friends during my childhood. Now I’ve just one cat, named Chichi. I can’t say why I chose this name, it had just a beautiful sound and it reminded me something about Japan and manga.

Cristiano: I have a little sweet hazelnut dog named Margot; she has been with us for 3 years, but we think she is 10; she has changed several families, but finally we have met, and we both think we found the perfect companion.

They’re both incredibly cute

What is the weirdest thing your pet has done?


Elena: When Chichi was just a little kitty, she did a lot of ninja moves, like somersaults.
Ah yes, the kitty ninja. A fearsome foe for the unsuspecting foot under the duvet. 

Cristiano: In the evening she needs her pampering moment, and to release daily tensions, so we start (lovingly) growling at each other… she can pull off a really deep voice!

A death metal singer in the making.

What is the best trick either of them do?

Elena: Eat and sleep. But maybe the best thing she can do is hiding. She finds places in the house where she can sleep and stay away from my children, and she’s so good that sometimes she drives us crazy because we can’t find her.

Cristiano: She can give the paw when you ask her, and she can read the hidden thoughts of the humans.



This past year has been a total write off in regards to touring and just general plans thanks to Covid 19. Have you found that being at home more with your pets has helped cope?

Elena: When all the tribe is home, Chichi just disappears, she’s a very solitary cat, and she’s terrified by almost everything, so we just respect each other’s space and take care of one another silently. But sometimes, when children are asleep, she loves to be a pet.

Cristiano: She has been fundamental, as music was, for our mental equilibrium in those moments; on the other hand she would personally thank the lockdown for every extra minute it gave, and is giving us, to stay together.



Have you always been an animal lover?

Elena: I’ve always loved animals, I dreamed to own a horse since I was a toddler. I lived in a small town, my father was a lumberjack and son of a farmer and sometimes he took home little animals who were hurt in the woods: so we owned a ferret, a hedgehog, chicken, rabbits, turtles. But, sadly, never a horse.
I can imagine your dad was always finding injured animals in his line of work. It’s very cool of him to rescue them.


Cristiano: She is my first personal pet, I didn’t know before what it meant such a privileged relationship.

It is amazing having a pet/companion around the home. A truly wonderous experience  and a very strong bond.


Have you put either of them into clothes?

Elena: Not anymore. I used to when I was a child, I had a dog (Sheila), she was really my bestie. With my brother, we took her in our bedroom and dressed her with my baby clothes or sometimes with blond wigs or sunglasses. She was so cute, but maybe so unhappy.

Cristiano: My wife finds her beautiful jerseys; I prefer her to be more natural and comfortable, and I guess she prefers too.


Do Chichi and Margot like it when you practice at home?

Elena: Chichi really loves just one kind of music: silence. The best thing she can do when I play guitar or sing is just to sit beside me and purr. It’s rare, but sometimes it happens.

Cristiano: Like all dogs, I think, she appreciates acoustic stringed instruments rather than winds; but when I’m practicing flute, she patiently waits just outside the room for me.

It’s a weird thing but cats and dogs both seem to like stringed instruments more so than others.

Who looks after them when you have shows and tours?

Elena: My parents do. They’re my rock (in every single sense of this word).

Cristiano: My wife looks after hers, but until we are all together she is not completely happy


Speaking of practicing, can we expect new music from Ainur? 

Elena: Of course yes. We’re finally ready for our new album: War of The Jewels, which can finally see the light after this troubled period and after a 10 years journey that took us to a sort of rebirth. We worked so hard on it, and the first single “Spirit of Fire” with our special guest Roberto Tiranti, is already out.

Cristiano: Sure, we have the much longed-for brand new album waiting for our audience; and we hope soon, an exciting live activity starting over again. WAR OF THE JEWELS will be released by Rockshots Records on March 19th, 2021 and we are looking forward to it!



Have you anything you’d like to say to your fans/followers?

Elena: Just listen to our music to be transported to Middle Earth and it’s magic, epic world. Follow us and stay tuned to discover all the news about our new album.

Cristiano: Simply to stay with their ears perked, since a lot of exciting and incredible news, until now smouldering, will see the light just in these days!


Elena, Cristiano, it’s been a pleasure to talk to you and meet Chichi and Margot. Thank you

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