Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – DÉJÀ VU ALL OVER AGAIN

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – DÉJÀ VU ALL OVER AGAIN

17th March 2021 0 By Jon Deaux

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s Debut Celebrates 50 Years With An Expansive 4-CD/1-LP Collection Featuring The Original Album Remastered, Plus Over Two Hours Of Rare And Unreleased Demos, Outtakes, And Alternate Takes


Previously Unreleased Demo Version Of “Birds” Available Today Digitally




5-LP Version Also Available, Exclusively At and;

Both Will Be Released On May 14 From Rhino


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s Déjà Vu was the most-anticipated new album in America in 1970. More than 50 years later, it’s one of the most famous albums in rock history with legendary songs, including “Carry On” and “Teach Your Children,” that still resonate today. 


Rhino will honour the intense creative journey that led to this milestone album with an expansive 4-CD/1-LP collection that includes a pristine version of the original album on both 180-gram vinyl and CD, plus hours of rare and unreleased studio recordings that provide incredible insight into the making of the record. The previously unreleased demo for “Birds” that was recorded during the sessions is available today on all digital download and streaming services. Click HERE to listen now.


DÉJÀ VU: 50TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION will be available from Rhino on May 14. Presented in a 12 x 12 hardcover book, the collection comes illustrated with rarely seen photos from the era and annotated by writer/filmmaker Cameron Crowe, whose revealing liner notes recount the making of the album through stories told by the people who were there, including David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young. On the same day, a deluxe vinyl version will also be available with the full content across 5 LPs of 180-gram vinyl. The deluxe vinyl version is available for pre-order now exclusively at and The music will also be available on digital download and streaming services and in high-resolution audio at Customers that purchase any version of the release at will receive a high-resolution download version as well. 


A new line of CSNY Déjà Vu-themed, organic merch made from sustainably sourced materials is also available today exclusively at 


Crowe recalls in the liner notes that “Déjà Vu caught the zeitgeist perfectly” and “might just be the legendary band’s most accurate portrait of their fiery individualism.” Of this new Deluxe Edition, Crowe opines: “50 years later, with the sonic aperture fully opened, it’s a wide-screen look at the big picture of Déjà Vu, with more music, including a batch of surprises, unseen photos, and a lot more clarity.” 


On the new anniversary edition, the album’s original 10 tracks are joined by 38 more to add nearly two-and-a-half hours of music that includes demos, outtakes, and alternate takes – most of which are previously unreleased. Among them is “Know You Got To Run,” the first song the quartet recorded during its first session on July 15 at the house Stills was renting from Peter Tork in Studio City. 


Other unreleased highlights include the demo for Crosby’s “Almost Cut My Hair”; Stills’ outtake for “Bluebird Revisited”; and Young’s alternate version of “Helpless” featuring harmonica. Also making its debut on the set is a delightful version of “Our House” that features Nash singing with the song’s inspiration, Joni Mitchell.



4-CD/1-LP Track Listing


Disc One: Original Album

“Carry On”

“Teach Your Children”

“Almost Cut My Hair”



“Déjà Vu”

“Our House”

“4 + 20”

“Country Girl”

“Whiskey Boot Hill”

“Down, Down, Down”

“Country Girl” (I Think You’re Pretty)

“Everybody I Love You”


Disc Two: Demos

“Our House” – Graham Nash *    

“4 + 20” – Stephen Stills *

“Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves)” – David Crosby & Graham Nash

“Birds” – Neil Young & Graham Nash *

“So Begins The Task/Hold On Tight” – Stephen Stills *

“Right Between The Eyes” – Graham Nash

“Almost Cut My Hair” – David Crosby *

“Teach Your Children” – Graham Nash & David Crosby

“How Have You Been” – Crosby, Stills & Nash

“Triad” – David Crosby

“Horses Through A Rainstorm” – Graham Nash

“Know You Got To Run” – Stephen Stills *

“Question Why” – Graham Nash *

“Laughing” – David Crosby *

“She Can’t Handle It” – Stephen Stills *

“Sleep Song” – Graham Nash

“Déjà Vu” – David Crosby & Graham Nash *

“Our House” – Graham Nash & Joni Mitchell *


Disc Three: Outtakes

“Everyday We Live” *

“The Lee Shore” – 1969 Vocal *

“I’ll Be There” *

“Bluebird Revisited” *

“Horses Through A Rainstorm”

“30 Dollar Fine” *

“Ivory Tower” *

“Same Old Song” *

“Hold On Tight/Change Partners” *

“Laughing” *

“Right On Rock ’n’ Roll” *


Disc Four: Alternates

“Carry On” – Early Alternate Mix *

“Teach Your Children” – Early Version *

“Almost Cut My Hair” – Early Version *

“Helpless” – Harmonica Version

“Woodstock” – Alternate Vocals *

“Déjà Vu” – Early Alternate Mix *

“Our House” – Early Version *

“4 + 20” – Alternate Take 2 *

“Know You Got To Run” *


LP: Original Album

Side One

“Carry On”

“Teach Your Children”

“Almost Cut My Hair”




Side Two

“Déjà Vu”

“Our House”

“4 + 20”

“Country Girl”

“Whiskey Boot Hill”

“Down, Down, Down”

“Country Girl” (I Think You’re Pretty)

“Everybody I Love You”


* previously unissued

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