D.A.M. – Human Wreckage (Review)

5th April 2013 0 By John Deaux

Human Wreckage

Band: D.A.M.
Album: Human Wreckage (Re-Release)
Record Label: Divebomb Records
Release Date: March 2013
Reviewed By: Ric

Track List:

1 M.A.D.
2 Death Warmed Up
3 Killing Time
4 Left To Rot
5 Prophets Of Doom
6 Terror Squad
7 Total Destruction
8 Infernal Torment
9 Vendetta
10 Human Wreckage
11 Aliens
12 F.O.D.

For Fans Of: Metallica, Deathwish, Anthrax and Diamond Head

Despite the fact DAM never received the acclaim of fellow UK acts Xentrix, Acid Reign, Sabbat and the like, they did manage to carve out a niche for themselves in the shark infested waters of the late 80s thrash scene, and played with amongst others the mighty Dark Angel – which some of us can still claim to own on battered VHS. Their debut album has been reissued, and before reviewing the actual album, it must be said that the reissue has bonus features which old and new fans alike may want to get their hands on.

Now I’ll be honest, before the last couple of days, I’d not heard this album since the early 90s, in fact my cassette of the album is probably still floating about the void of my bedroom, so it was almost like listening to this for the first time. Following the brief opening, which invokes all memories of thrash from the 80s with the guitar mixed in with the backwards speech, the album proper begins.

Opener Death Warmed Up, is typical of the period, with a head nodding riff, leading through to the inevitable solo.  The vocals are on the melodic side of the genre, and the album keeps up its mid-paced attack throughout, with a couple of exceptions. One of which, is Vendetta which follows the Metallica blueprint from years earlier with the acoustic intro, before lurching into a speeded up piece of thrash, which has certain hardcore undertones.  The title track also reminds of different genres, as Judas Priest and maybe even Kiss influences pervade.

The biggest treat for me was the discovery of the song FOD, which for the life of me I can’t remember from the time, but whether it’s name is a homage to SOD or not, this track would not be have been out of place on Speak English Or Die.  In summary a solid if unspectacular debut from a UK band, when at the time the genre was nearing saturation point.  Part of me wonders how the band would have fared if they had concentrated more on the punk/hardcore angle.  The album comes across as one where several band members had different influences, and so the band tried hard to accommodate all viewpoints. Now onto that difficult second album…

7 out of 10

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