Dark Angel reunion?

Dark Angel reunion?

18th August 2013 0 By Craig

Six days after it was announced that classic late ’80s /early ’90s California  thrashers DARK ANGEL would reunite for a number of shows next year —  including an appearance at the Keep It True XVII festival, set to take  place April 25-26, 2014 at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany —  the band’s drummer, Gene Hoglan, and vocalist, Don Doty, have  released a statement addressing the reunion “rumors” in an attempt to “put any  confusion to rest.”

Says Gene: “Now that I’m off the road for a few minutes, I’d like to  address these DARK ANGEL rumors that are flying around. Yes, we have been  talking about doing something next year, and although it looks like possibly  some festivals could be in the works, right now it’s just speculation.

Don Doty and myself have been in contact for the first time in many  many years, and it’s been great to reconnect with my old friend. Fortunately,  I’ve remained great buddies with all the DFA [DARK Fucking ANGEL]  guys after all these years, and we do try to stay in contact with each other and  see each other when we can, especially since we are all spread out over the  Western U.S.

“We are indeed discussing the possibility of a reunion, and yes, the  DFA guys are well aware of all of my other commitments, such as  TESTAMENT, DETHKLOK and the like. So again, we are moving forward  s-l-o-w-l-y, with hopes to getting DARK ANGEL‘s wings off the ground for  festival season in 2014.”

Adds Doty: “Members of DARK ANGEL are currently sitting down  for talks for a reunion. This will be for the year 2014. All are excited.

“I was talking on a radio show recently and had said that all members would  be attending. This statement may have been misunderstood. Myself, GeneMike [Gonzales, bass], Eric [Meyer, guitar] and  Jim [Durkin, guitar] are talking and when talks are complete, a  statement will be given. We will know more in the months to come. We will let  you know as it unravels.”

Speaking to Uwe Harms of Germany’s Radio Gehacktes on August 8,  Doty stated: “Mike is still playing with one or two other bands,  just as Gene is, but they’re gonna go ahead and reschedule with the other  bands so they can fit DARK ANGEL in. DARK ANGEL will come  first.

Gene is quite busy, as we all know, and he does have a lot of things  going on [including TESTAMENT and DETHKLOK], but seeing this  opportunity, he definitely wants to be on board, and he’s very excited about  this, as I am.”

Regarding DARK ANGEL‘s future plans, Doty said: “We started to  book some shows. I’m still waiting for our manager, Rob, to go ahead and  see what he has in store for us. We’re gonna take it one step at a time. [In  addition to the Keep It True], there’s gonna be a few other [dates] that  are gonna be happening; I can’t really release those yet.”

Asked what he has been doing since leaving DARK ANGEL in 1987,  Doty said: “It’s a long story, and at the same time, it’s a short one. I  basically started a family and showed up to my last show [with DARK  ANGEL] and told the guys, ‘Hey, look, [I have a] baby [on the way] and I  can’t be on the road and do the family thing; it was just too hard for me. There  were too many beautiful women in the world and there were too many other  opportunities to go off the deep end, and I just could not do that. So with that  being said, I took a step back and I told the guys, ‘There will be a day  and I will come back and we will finish what we started.”

DARK ANGEL released two albums with Don Doty on vocals — 1984’s  “We Have Arrived” and 1986’s “Darkness Descends” — before he  exited the group and was replaced by Ron Rinehart (after a brief stint  with Jim Drabos in 1987). The band issued two more studio LPs — 1989’s  “Leave Scars” and 1991’s “Time Does Not Heal” — before calling it  quits in 1992. Rinehart, Hoglan and Meyer reassembled  DARK ANGEL more than a decade ago but were forced to abandon their  reunion plans after health issues reportedly put an end to Rinehart‘s  singing career.

Doty told Radio Gehacktes that his reasons for wanting to put  DARK ANGEL back together are pure. “I’m here for the fans, because  they’ve been there for me and it’s their turn,” he said. “Let’s get back and  let’s have some fun.”

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