DEMOLIZER – Thrashmageddon – Review

DEMOLIZER – Thrashmageddon – Review

27th August 2020 1 By Mark Booth

New Danish thrashers DEMOLIZER are set to release their debut album ‘Thrashmageddon’ via Mighty Music Records on 11th September 2020. As the album name would suggest (and the album cover) this is a thrash album to the core.

With a dual guitar attack that has an impressive arsenal of melodic riffs, frenzied technical riffs and intricate solos and are at their best when they are vying for the spotlight. These sharp riffs are reinforced by a tight rhythm section, with the drums changing the tempo from blastbeat and fast paced euphoria to heavy groove laden drum patterns and a pounding bass adding an extra layer of heaviness. While the vocal delivery is more on the growl side, but are still quite audible and befitting of the thrash attack slithering forth from the speakers.

Is ‘Thrashmageddon’ a classic slab of thrash drenched metal? No it isn’t, but it’s an enjoyable listen and if you like thrash then you’ll find something enjoyable in this release. For a debut album this is a really good effort and DEMOLIZER have laid some solid foundation for future releases. They just need to keep honing their musicianship and this will in turn sharpen their songwriting and compositions and build on this strong debut (just hope the Covid19 pandemic doesn’t affect them to much).

SCORE – 6.5/10

Track Listing
1. Copenhagen Burning
2. Cancer In The Brain
3. NTC
4. Bloodshot Eyes
5. Gore
6. Until The Day I Die
7. Lost In Torment
8. Built On Slavery
9. MSW

Release Date:
11th September 2020
Mighty Music Records

For all things Demolizer, click HERE and to purchase the album, click HERE

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