Earth Crisis – The Discipline

Earth Crisis – The Discipline

14th May 2015 0 By Suzie Rottencrotch

The vegan, straight edge, metalcore merchants have returned with a four track EP just a year after their last full length release.

It consists of two reimagined songs which were originally on the band’s 1995 album, Destroy the Machines, and two songs which hail from a 90s demo and were never released.

Time of Strife and New Ethic are redone as much heavier versions and the vocals are a lot growlier and death metal-like than they were twenty years ago. Long-time Earth Crisis fans will probably prefer the original hardcore versions, but the songs have benefitted from better production here and are of more appeal to those leaning towards the metal end of the scale.

Behind the Mask and title track, The Discipline, aren’t exactly ground-breaking, although there are a couple of groove elements in the songs that are very reminiscent of tracks you might have expected to hear on Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven.

The whole EP has a feeling of metalcore by numbers, but that being said, The Discipline is a perfectly acceptable offering and will work best at a loud volume, and it will certainly keep fans satisfied until Earth Crisis unleash a new album.

Score: 6 out of 10



1. The Discipline
2. Behind the Mask
3. New Ethic
4. Time of Strife

Record Label:
Bullet Tooth

Release Date:
18th May 2015

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