Earthtone9 – In Resonance Nexus Album Review

Earthtone9 – In Resonance Nexus Album Review

20th June 2024 0 By Quinccy

Earthtone9‘s latest album, “In Resonance Nexus,” marks a triumphant return for the band, showcasing their evolution while staying true to their roots. Released by Candlelight Records, the album has been long awaited. 


Who are Earthtone9? Earthtone9 are an alternative metal band hailing from Nottingham, United Kingdom. The current roster for the band consists of Karl Middleton, Owen Packard, Joe Roberts, Neil Kingsbury and Jay Walsh


The album kicks off with “The Polyphony Of Animals,” setting a strong tone for the album. It’s hard-hitting, strong and the passion seeps through in this track, this track has been described as one of the heaviest yet most melodic works that the band has produced to date and I have to say, I whole heartily agree with this track possibly being one of my favorite on the album. 


Tracks like “Oceanic Drift” (which was dropped at the same time as the announcement for the new album) and “Lash Of The Tongues” highlight the band’s melodic capabilities, featuring some of the most harmonious choruses in Earthtone9′s past discography. The official video for Oceanic Drift can be found below: 


Another track on the album I would love to highlight would be “Black Swan Roulette”, with the haunting vocals being present in this song making the hairs on my arm stand on edge followed by some hard-hitting nostalgic beats from an immense past.


Being 26 years into their career and adding such a powerful album to their discography is an impressive feat. “In Resonance Nexus” is a bold statement from Earthtone9, a band reborn and ready to take its place in the metal scene once again.  Earthtone9 has delivered an album that not only satisfies long-time fans but also has the potential to attract new listeners.


Overall the album was an amazing listen and honestly, you should give it a go. Earthtone9 has not disappointed with this album and has paved a strong path for their return.

Absolutely brilliant

Score 9/10

For Fans Of –  Raging Speedhorn, Eighteen Visions, Devin Townsend, Mudvayne, Baroness, 

‘In Resonance Nexus’ by earthtone9 is released on 21st June 2024 on Candlelight Records.

1. The Polyphony Of Animals
2. Navison Record
3. Under The Snake
4. Oceanic Drift
5. Black Swan Roulette
6. Lash Of The Tongues
7. Etiquette of Distortion
8. Observe Your Course (featuring Malli Malpass of One Dice / ‘MetalHead’ on the BBC Show ‘The Ranganation’)
9. Third Mutuality
10. Strength Is My Weakness

Label – Candlelight Records
Release – 21st June 2024

For all things earthtone9, click HERE, and to purchase the album, click HERE

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