Extreme Metal Collaboration Project  EYES OF YOUR EYES  Melts Your Face Off With Second Jaw-Dropping Single

Extreme Metal Collaboration Project EYES OF YOUR EYES Melts Your Face Off With Second Jaw-Dropping Single

21st April 2023 0 By Jon Deaux

Cleveland-based extreme metal powerhouse EYES OF YOUR EYES is back with another lower-

than-low, drop-zero existential hellripper. “Magnetron”, featuring Bryce Butler (Shadow of Intent) on drums and produced by none other than Buster Odeholm (Vildhjarta, Humanity’s Last Breath) is a hellish journey of a track, strapping you in like a roller coaster with its unexpected twists and turns.

The pair, comprised of frontman Abel Autopsy and co-writer/instrumentalist Sleep Blackheart,

continues to deliver some of the most innovative, modern, and punishing metal available today.

Continuing Abel Autopsy‘s Vonnegut-esque lyrical delivery, beneath the punishing audio waves

the song conveys a horrific message of unchecked, rampant consumerism leading to the decay

of all intrinsic human values.


“It is with great honor we bestow upon thee: ‘Magnetron’. The inception of ‘Magnetron’ comes from a macabre thought experiment a few years ago regarding the state of the world, economic systems, and societal collapse. Imagine inflation and the stock market becoming so volatile that families have to choose between pets/family members or sustenance – then viewing it from the lens of extraterrestrial civilization observing us. How would they view that? What are these humans doing? Where do their values lie? From the boardroom to the bedroom, enter a world where everything is corrupted and tainted. It’s frightening how close we are to this.” – Abel Autopsy


‘Magnetron’ feels like riding a rollercoaster even though you do not meet the height requirement; it’s fresh, feels forbidden and it’ll make you want to go another round. When it comes to writing a heavy and crazy track, there are no limits to the creativity and intensity you should bring to the table. This was a chance of taking risks, breaking boundaries and pushing the limits of what’s possible. And that’s the beauty of it! Writing a heavy metal track that’s both intense and insane was an opportunity to unleash my creativity and explore the full potential of the genre. The main goal was to write bone crushing down-tuned guitars coupled with ambiance and dissonant chord progressions that will leave fans of the genre breathless and begging for more.” – Sleep Blackheart

Stream here: Spotify – Magnetron


Abel and Sleep state that more tracks are being finished now, and the duo expects more singles

to be available this year, with plans for a full-length to be announced.







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