Fraser Fionn Wilson

Fraser Fionn Wilson

15th October 2013 0 By Fraser

Born in the frozen tundras of Scotland in ’96, I depressingly missed the glory days of the ’80s but I follow the very ’80s creed of work hard, party harder, headbang hardest! I spent much of my early teens discovering the big, beautiful world of heavy metal, and there hasn’t been a single day the enchanting sound of double bass, tremolo picking and death growls haven’t graced my ears since I was about 12.

From a very young age, I have had a love of writing (be it musicly orientated pieces like you will find here, or dark and gritty stories that will hopefully be published somewhere, someday) and a love of music – so having the opportunity to put the two together here is something I’m hugely grateful for, cheers to everyone at AATR for the chance to inflict my sarcasm and love of death metal on the world!

Since my first gig (Motorhead, at the 02 in Glasgow back in ’09 – I will never forget the timeless entrance, “We are Motorhead, we play rock n roll!” I have been to dozens upon dozens of gigs, and seen hundreds of bands play. It is a rarity to see a band play a perfect gig, but I have been blessed enough to see it not once, not twice, but thrice. The first was Iron Maiden, on the Final Frontier tour playing Aberdeen in 2011. I could go into great detail about the gig, but I’ll just end up a quivering mess if I relive it and really, it’s Iron freaking Maiden – of course it was perfect. The second was Machine Head at the 02 Academy in Glasgow, in 2014. Few bands have ever been so tight live, and developed such a good relationship with the crowd. Finally we have Behemoth, in Brisbane, which you can read all about in my first gig review to be published on this fine website!

Anyway, I’ve waffled on for long enough! I hope you all enjoy my articles, and I hope even more you all can find it in your heart to buy me a pint if you ever see me!

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