Free Fall – Power & Volume

25th February 2013 0 By Matt Farrington

Free Fall - Power & Volume



Band: Free Fall
Album: Power & Volume
Record Label: Nuclear Blast
Release Date: 22nd February 2013
Reviewed By: Matt




From the offset track “Power & VolumeFreefall drag you on a sleaze power ridden journey,  chugging guitar riffs with constant  pounding beats, if Bon Scott and AC/DC were to start again I’m sure they’d sound something like this, honest dirty, grinding Rock and Roll.

Music to punch your fist to comes in abundance and by the bucket load, “Midnight Vulture“ is more blues tinged and “Top Of The World“ is back to Freefall claiming how they’re gonna take on the world. A theme that stay’s throughout the album and it’s good to feel the hunger coming through , “Attila” sounds  like the bastard love child of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC at their most hypnotizing delivery.

World Domination“ takes us back to Freefall taking on the world and with an album like this I think they may just be ready to. “Damnation“ is for me one of the albums highlights, a steady powerbeat with sleazy vocals and screaming guitarwork, as said Mr Scott would be proud.

I would recommend this album for anyone who misses the sleaze that early AC/DC gave us and I’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing these guys live.

Score 8/10

AATR Approved

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