From Inside – Find My Way – Single Review

From Inside – Find My Way – Single Review

9th June 2016 0 By John Deaux

From Inside describe themselves as an alternative metal band from Liverpool. Part of that is correct. They’re definitley from Liverpool.

Sonically & musically sound, the tag team of vocalists has been done to death. It’s very reminiscent of Linkin Park. Although it’s not inherently a bad thing.

From Inside are a young band finding their way & it will be ineteresting to see what they come up with next & hopefully they’ll come up with their own musical direction instead of copying some-one elses.

As they would say in school, ‘A for effort, but try again.’

Find My Way is taken from their debut e.p which will be released this summer.

Line up
Simon Mora,
Thomas Booth,
Phil Wynne,
Nick Stirrup,
Bam Roberts.
Glow From Inside


Score 5/10


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